Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday, May 25 - 'Give em a chance'

Today, I went to BCC for church
- We were in town for Lee and Carrie Weaver's wedding
- Pastor Gary was gone, Hooker spoke
- I ran into Brian Johnson, new youth pastor at a church in Iowa
- Also saw Mick Olsen, new youth pastor in Chappell, NE, effective July 1st
My family went to the zoo in the afternoon

- We went to the new butterfly attraction (overrated!)
- We saw all the attractions and finished at the petting zoo, at the bottom of the hill
- We ran into Elizabeth Eckstead, an old alumni of SPIRENO youth ministries.
- I volunteered to go get the van and pick up my family
- Eric wanted to come with me, though he was complaining of aching legs
- I let him come, to my surprise, he made it the whole way without complaining
- Sometimes, we've just go to learn how to 'give em a chance' to shine.