Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday - Kids Kamp

Here's a recap of the awesome things happening at Kids Kamp this week in Nebraska:

- During pre service prayer, some students wrote out what God was showing them. When they were cleaning up their room this morning, a dorm leader found a picture of the cross, and the dorm leader immediately thought it was one of his more 'spiritual' kids. He asked who did it, and it was one of his rougher kids. It showed him that God is touching all the kids, even if it doesn't look like it.

- Also during pre service prayer, a dorm leader was asking that God would help her be a better example to the kids. She was walking by a decoration that we have, a big cardboard cutout of Jesus as a superhero. She felt like God told her to hug the cardboard, and when she did, she felt so much better, like God was changing her and making her adequate for the ministry.

- A dorm leader was at the altar praying for kids. The whole dorm got together at the end and prayed for the dorm leader, and it really touched her and changed her, that they would do that on their own.

- Last week, a leader received a picture of an eyeball in a vision. That particular night, a student drew a picture of any eyeball during prayer, that looked just like her vision. This week, another student drew the exact same picture without knowing anything about the vision and picture from the week before.

- Another leader mentioned that his boys prayed for him at the end, just like he had prayed for them.

- Last night, a leader raised his hand for prayer, and his students prayed for him. He was praying for healing in his back, and as soon as his students prayed, his back was immediately healed and the pain was gone.

- A leader had a really bad headache and was struggling during worship. Someone came to pray for her, and as soon as they started praying, the headache was gone and she was healed.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday - Kids Kamp starts today!!!

This is the last of our 4 youth/ce department camps this year. It's for students going into 2nd through 4th grades, so it's easily our youngest camp yet. We've got about 300 people pre-registered, so it should be a great camp. Because of the young ages, we've knocked a day off the normal camp length, so we actually will finish this coming Thursday. Take note, because our testimonies and pics (neyouthcamps.blogspot.com), will be one day shorter as well. Getting done on Thursday is also good considering the holiday weekend ---- JULY 4th IS SATURDAY!!!

There is still at least one more camp after this, Family Fest. Go to www.neag.org for more details and to register.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday - Middle School Camp - 11:00am, Testimonies

Here's a recap of testimonies from yesterday at Middle School Camp:

- A camper's mom had a miscarriage three or four years ago. Last night, while praying, she saw a vision of God in heaven. She asked to see her 'sister' and God showed her a little girl 3 or 4 years old in heaven. 

- A leader was praying for one of his boys. After a few minutes, he asked his student if he had received the Holy Spirit, he said, 'No, but I found out I can do this cool thing with my hands.' The leader moved to the next student, who received it almost immediately. He started shouting, 'I got it, I got it', than ran out.

- One night at pre service prayer a leader was praying and God gave her a picture of kids with their arms all reaching for something that they wanted. They were saying things, but she couldn't understand what it was. Last night, one of her girls got a piece of paper in prayer and started drawing what God had given her. At altar time, the leader shared the vision with her girls, and this girl pulled out her paper, and she had drawn the same image. God gave it to both of them at different times.

- A group of boys woke up real grouchy. One turned to the other at breakfast and said, 'Man if you would have gotten filled with the Spirit last night, you wouldn't be so angry this morning.' The young man returned, 'I'm Spanish, I already speak in tongues.' The dorm leader had a good breakfast explaining this a little better to his students.

- A young lady kept praying with her leader about being sick of being afraid. Over and over, this was her prayer. Last night, she wanted to be filled again with the Holy Spirit. She was one of the last two people at the altar. Her leader asked her what God had done, and she shouted out with joy, 'I'm not afraid anymore.' The leader felt like God told her this girl was going to be a missionary. Then, the girl said God told her to tell the leader,'God's called me to be a missionary.'

- Last night, a student was led to pray for some students from another cabin, for boldness. The kid he was praying for starting screaming at the top of his lungs. Then, the student stopped and the leaders asked him what was happening. He said something to the effect that God had set him free and he was changed.

- A little boy was at the service, and he has an intense learning disability. They prayed for him at length last night. He is regularly hard to understand, but he asked the leader if he heard what he had said about the devil. The leader hadn't understood, but the student told him that God said He is going to be a warrior for God. God will take the weakest among us and do great things for the world to see.

- There was a young girl that has a bad eye that has always been scared to do things because of it. She prayed for boldness, and then yesterday, she started stepping out in new things. She got on a horse, shot a basketball for the first time, walked to the cabin on your own by herself. 

- Sunday night before camp, a lady kept waking up and felt like God was doing it. It felt like a train was going through head. She felt like God said the devil didn't want a certain two students to go camp. She prayed for them all night. Last night, they prayed with of of them and made a lot of ground, as she is here because God is going to set her free.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday - Middle School Camp - 11:00am Testimonies

Here's a recap of what God has been doing at our camp this week:

- Our camp director testified first about Monday night. She prayed with a staff member about her poor self image. Last night, she was able to minister to some campers about the same issue.

- Another staff member testified about how he had been a camper two weeks ago at Youth Camp 1. He had a blood circulation problem that he had prayed about for healing. He went home and two weeks later, right before this camp, he realized that God had healed him. He used to have problem with circulation in his hands and feet, but now he is fine.

- Another dorm leader prayed with a young man who's mother had recently died. He felt like God set him free from the pain of that moment and the boy was able to say that he believes his mom is now in a better place.

- A dorm leader prayed with a girl that was pretty shy. She finally opened up and said she wasn't sure if her grandpa died this week or not. He was supposed to have a serious surgery while she was here. She was scared he had died. They prayed together and she was able to have hope and believe. (incidentally another leader across the room asked if it was a redhead girl, which it was. He said he knew the grandpa, and he did make it out of surgery fine!)

- A dorm leader had about 8 or 9 little guys that gathered around him in prayer time. He prayed for them individually. They had seemed disconnected in service, but they all stuck around and prayed for each other. They prayed for issues like being angry, hurtful, mean to mothers, arguing with his sister, violence in his home, disobedience, watching bad things on TV, saying bad words. God set them free!

- A dorm leader prayed with a kid to let God become the Lord of his life. The student already acted different last night and this morning. The dorm leader saw the boy being nice to another student, complimented him for it, and the student said, 'Now that God is in charge of my life, I figured that is what God wanted me to do.'

- A dorm leader had 4 or 5 students come forward to the altar call to make better choices for God. One student was so sick during service, with his head hung down. He came forward and was touched at the altar at the end. Another student had prayed for him and God healed him on the spot. They had seemed so disconnected in service, and yet God touched them so powerfully in the end.

- A security guy came by to quiet a room after lights out. The student and dorm leader inside were praying, and one of the students looked at the security guy and asked, 'Hey, can you quiet down, we're trying to pray in here.'

- At a time when most students were praying for personal issues, a leader was so impressed by his students because they asked for prayer for others, and not for themselves.

- During dinner, a leader found 3 students at a table eating by themselves. It was the first time we've allowed our students to sit wherever they like during dinner. The leader led them to a different table to connect with some other students. After the meal, the student came forward to the leader and thanked them for taking them to that table, because they made new friends with the students who were there.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday - Middle School Camp - 11:30am, Testimonies

Here's a recap of what God did in our people last night:

- A leader from camp last year had a student come to him. They confessed that they had broken a window at camp last year, and wanted to make it right.

- A veteran dorm leader has a young girl that talks often in her sleep and moves around violently. She prayed for her and she was able to resume sleeping quietly. 

- A dorm leader had a group of guys not really involved in anything. He kept encouraging them to get involved. He asked if they had anything to pray about, and one boy answered seriously that he wanted prayer because his mom and dad were about to get a divorce. He took him forward and we prayed for him together in the service.

- A boy had started crying while his dorm leader was up front praying. The other students in the dorm went with him and ministered to him, without the dorm leader, and took care of him. The boy had a grandmother that had died and he hadn't had the chance to apologize for misbehaving with her. The boys were helping him overcome his guilt and speaking out Psalm 91. The dorm leader was amazed.

- A girl in a dorm is a PK and struggling with it. Last night she felt like she was being watched by everyone and she had to act perfect. The dorm leader was able to encourage her and help her find her purpose. The girl broke down and prayed with the dorm leader. 

- A leader confessed they were having a rough night. They had worked the last two weeks and felt drained. All of her dorm girls held her hand and prayed with her like a family. She felt like God used the girls to minister to her and fill her up with energy and strength for the week.

- A leader called out that God wanted to 'double' the good things we've seen at the camp. So we prayed together to believe that God wants to 'double' it up!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday - Middle School Camp - Midnight

Today was a good start to the middle school camp week. This is the first year we've ever had a camp like this, so we're making history. 

We've got about 450 total people on grounds and we had a good service tonight. Because of the changed schedule for this camp this year, my christian education committee elected to do the services ourselves with a national program called Kids Max Live. I was able to be in a short skit and I played the role of Jesus.

Many kids stormed the altars and we spent time praying for healings and salvations. 

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday - AIM team sendoff

This morning, I had the privilege of praying over our NE AIM students and leaders as they gathered at Christ's Place for training. They will be leaving very soon to the country of Jamaica, to work on the mission field doing street ministry and school assemblies. 

Pastor Rick Lorimer had a tremendous message entitled 'Pour on the salt, Turn on the Light'. They passed out pens and notes at the front doors, and then they gave out glow sticks used in the sermon to help illustrate his message. They also gave out free bags of popcorn to all of the dad's in honor of Father's Day.

Here's the link to find the podcast messages: http://www.cplace.org/messages/index.html

Also, our AIM team has a blogpage that Mike Maroney will faithfully upload throughout their trip the next two weeks. www.neaim09.blogspot.com

Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday - End of Youth Camp 2

Last night was a great finish. My speaker talked about the call of duty, and used my prayer passage for camps, 2 Samuel 5:17-30. The night was about having passion for reaching the lost and we spent much time at the altars praying for students to embrace the call. At the end, we prayed for our speaker and his wife to send them off appropiately.

This morning, we were finishing our camp up at our final service and the crowd was chanting for to stage dive. I did and they held me up for a bit, and then suddenly they let me fall and I hit the ground flat on my back. It hurt a bit, but I was able to jump up, put my hands in the air, and get keep the energy up in the room. My wife said it was one of her favorite moments from camp.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday - Youth Camp 2 - 6:30pm, Preservice

Our last day of youth camp. What a day - 90 degrees and sunny. We couldn't use the gym because of a slick floor condition due to the humidity, so we took all of our games outside. I saw some muddy, dirty people, but they were having a blast.

I took the speaker, Kendall Alfaro, out for some Sonic and brought some youth pastors along with us. My wife happened to drive by on the way to the post office and she whistled at us. The guys at the table next to us got a kick out of that.

Tonight, we are preparing to speak about the call of God on our lives to reach the lost, a passion of mine. 

Here's an emailed testimony from last week: 

A woman called our office today and wanted to give a big thank you to Ethel Gill for helping her son last week with all his dietary requirements.  She also said to tell you guys that her son is a different person then when he left for camp.  She said they were always fighting, but since he’s been back he’s been loving and told them that the Lord gave him visions and did 2 miracles in his life last week at camp.

Thursday - Youth Camp 2 - 10:30am, Testimonies

Here's a recap of some testimonies from last night:

- 3 of a dorm leaders students were baptized in the Holy Spirit.

- A man had been struggling with stomach issues woke up without any issues whatsoever. His students were praying for him and he was so proud of them.

- A leader admitted he is scared of junior highers. He has had an amazing week and learned how to channel the chaos into productivity.

- Another lady admitted that she was being healed of stomach problems. She normally has heartburn before bed, but last night, she had none.

- A leader testified that a few rec staff members were filled with the Holy Spirit. He was so excited, he looked over to a student and said, 'you want to be filled with the Spirit' and the kid said, 'I already did'. The leader than asked his name and he said, I got to your church.

- A dorm leader shared testimonies in his room after service and every student was involved.

- David Cramer, our popstand leader, has a bad neck that causes migraines. Some students left the service feeling like they were supposed to pray for him. As they were leaving, he was coming, and they prayed right there. He hasn't had to take his medication but once this last week and he's gone the entire time without pain.

- A leader left service early to work in the popstand, and she went to her dorm to drop off her Bible. She met a gal that was struggling real bad because she got in trouble for having a skimpy outfit. She began to talk with her a bunch about what this leader had gone through as a camper, with the same issue. She helped her deal with it, and now the camper is staying for the rest of the week.

- Everynight a leader admitted that God has been showing him a specific leader to pray for. God pointed out a certain student he prayed for last night. God showed him that he had some stuff in his life that was getting in the way, so he dealt with that at the altar. Later that night, the youth pastor came to this leader and told him that the student did receive the Holy Spirit in the end.

- A veteran youth leader, now at Southwestern University, had many students come up that testified that God was doing great things in their lives. Not just students from this year, but many students that he's worked with from previous years.

- God was doing a lot of instant things. A pastor admitted that people were being baptized in the Spirit without anyone even praying for them. A student in his room asked him, when you get your prayer language are you supposed to understand what you're saying'. 

- A girl that told a testimony last night about having God set her free from cutting, showed me her arms this morning, and all the scars were gone.

- A student talked with a leader about her experience last year. She had prayed for the baptism of the Spirit, but everyone around her received it except her. She was bitter, but had been set free from that two nights ago. Last night, she was filled with the Spirit and went around praying for others.

- A lot of the leaders felt like there was a struggle with leading the service in song, prayer, preaching, etc. We realized that though we felt completely out of control, God actually did some amazing things beyond ourselves. Some of our greatest moments of ministry may be when we are totally out of control and God is doing it all.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday - Youth Camp 2 - 6:30pm, Pre-Service

Today was another wonderful day at youth camp 2. After meeting with my key leaders and scheduling the service for this evening, I was able to sneak away and try to get some work done for upcoming camps. 

We went to play staff basketball and the floor was pretty slick. With our new gym floor, we need to have it cleaned more often and will have to work out a good schedule. I slipped and injured my left wrist, so pray for it if you remember.

The weather was great and we were able to send more students out to Camp Arrowhead to play on the lake. We are in a tornado watch until 9:00pm, nothing new for us in Nebraska. Our dinner was lasagna and it was scrumptious. I can't wait for our service tonight, where we are planning to talk about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Wednesday - Youth Camp 2 - 10:30am, Testimonies

Here's a recap of testimonies from our staff meeting:

- Last night, a dorm leader had a camper fall off his bunk, landed on his shoulder, and almost had to go to the doctor. He went into the service with a lot of pain, and before service, they prayed that God would heal him. After service, he came to his dorm leader and said, 'There's no pain at all!'

- One of our leaders had an amazing night. He had been running our Gyro, and couldn't even get out of bed because he was so tired. His dormmate helped encourage him to service. As soon as he walked in the door, the pain left, and he was up front in the center worshipping God with all of his heart. It's also amazing to watch a 6 foot 7 man jumping with all his might in worship.

- Another leader who has been coming to camp for years was set free from a particular bondage that remained in his life. It doesn't matter how long you've been around, God still has powerful things He wants to do in your life.

- A youth pastor mentioned that a dorm leader is working with his girls. She's really been working hard with the girls from his church, and then comes to him and explains what has been going on. He thanked her publicly for her hard work with his campers this week.

- A leader has a girl that is very timid and shy, they prayed together at the altar for awhile. She looked later, and that same girl came out of her shell and was praying for the other girls in her cabin.

- A leader was dancing with a friend up front and saw a row of guys sitting next to them not moving at all. They grabbed the students and helped them get up and start worshipping. At the end of the night, those students were some of the last ones to leave, worshipping God when they could have been at the popstand.

- A leader mentioned that she came from a church where they had been a shooting involving her father. She is working with a girl that has a friend that had been shot as well. It was very tense in the dorm, but now God has brought healing. This girl was standing next to the leader at the altar, and she took her in her arms and began to pray. She broke and cried, and God destroyed the barrier between them.

- A leader reminded us that we can stay free. He testified about how he was set free 11 years ago from alcohol. He once almost killed a man in that state. Last night, he was worshipping with all his might, because he remembered that he was free.

- Our veteran dorm leader (81 years old) prayed with a young lady who was weeping uncontrollably. Soon, she started speaking in tongues and was filled with the spirit, as they were praying for healing.

- A leader was talking with students during free time and they were asking questions. The speaker last night was answering every question as he was speaking, without even knowing that they had been talking about those things earlier in the day. She had a student that felt like she had no value, and they prayed together last night, and she broke down. She came later, before lights out, and said, 'I don't feel worthless. I have value. I don't have to work to earn God's love. I'm amazing because God made me'

- A youth pastor spoke about how he used to always look at his group and point out certain kids with great potential. He is starting to see that every student is that way, because God made them amazing.

- A rec staff member went to a kid in his youth group that is reserved and doesn't press in, during service. They talked at the altar, and at first he was still reserved, but finally he started breaking down, crying, explaining that back home he is made fun of, and he believes the lies. God broke through in a way that the leader had never seen with that student before.

- A leader admitted that she had always struggled because she thought everyone was better than her. Seeing the testimonies in service last night, and what God was doing, she realized that everyone struggles and she wasn't alone. God can use her too.

- God was telling a leader that it was time to start taking initiative. God led this leader to pray with a kid that was dealing with pornography. God had told him that this was the issue, but he asked the student, and the student admitted it. He realized how powerful it would have been if he would have told the student what God had said to him, and stepped out in faith. It's time to start stepping out in faith and believing that God can do great things.

- A leader was moving through the altars, looking to pray for someone. He feels that he can look at kids and recognize who is feeling weak. He was led to 3 or 4 guys, and God gave him the same prayer for all the students. He prayed that they were 'unbreakable', and God made them a soldier. Satan's lies are the bullets, but God protects them, and the bullets will bounce off of them because God makes them unbreakable.

- A leader was praying for a girl after God told her to. God was showing her the words 'doubt' and 'love'. She prayed into that, and then she was crying. The girl admitted that her friends were treating her badly and she was afraid she wasn't going to make it to heaven. It was the same stuff that this leader has dealt with, and God edified this leader in the process of helping her.

- In the room, they talked about the question, 'Why are you free?' The consensus was that God had done enough to free them. They were real excited to have a new beginning with God, with purpose and plans for the future.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday - Youth Camp 1 - Midnight, postservice

We had a great finish to our day. My wife had a chance to take a number of the ladies/pastors wives to town for some fun. They went to a drugstore, and when my daughter heard about it, she told my wife, 'You're not supposed to do drugs'

I played some basketball with some staff. Our speaker, Kendall Alfaro, is real good. I actually was on the winning team a couple of times - big deal!

Dinner was a good. BBQ Pork, with a pastor looking for a youth leader. I also got to do something special for our PK's and give them information about an upcoming PK retreat, and something free from our popstand.

Service was about breaking free from the enemies strongholds in our lives. We spent a good chunk of time praying for students, and then we celebrated our freedom at the end. I felt like God led me to pray for those who needed to forgive someone, and the we started to pray for that person as well. We also prayed for people to be set free from their oppression through worldly music.

See ya tomorrow

Tuesday - Youth Camp 1 - 10:30am, Testimonies

Here's a recap of some of the things that happened the first day:

- Before we even got to the service, a dorm leader made a big circle and asked his students what they were expecting from God this week. People admitted a need for change (attitudes, sin, etc.) They prayed and took turns, and the leader was so impressed as they prayed these raw prayers and even prayed for each other. They were much more sensitive to God in the service that evening.

- The message hit really hard with a couple of students who were talking about it with their dorm leader before lights out. 

- A leader was asking God who to pray for in altar time. He said that God showed him a student. He waited a second to build up the courage, and he saw the student get up and move all the way to back of the auditorium. He quickly went to him and spoke into his life. He asked him his name, and it was David, the same as the leader. 

- A dorm leader had some really hard girls, one asked, 'You're seriously my dorm leader'. That same girl said she felt dead, and all she wanted to do was die because her dad didn't love her. She felt that last night God spoke to her that He loved her. 

- A youth pastor brought a girl that is the ringleader for his group. He's been praying with her and encouraging her to be a positive leader, but she never really responded to it well before. But last night, he prayed with her, the same way, but last night, she just 'got it'. She started to cry and said, 'There's some things I need to get rid of so God can use me to lead this girls.' 

- A leader had a staff member encourage his students to dream big because God can do so much more than our expectations.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday - Youth Camp 2 - Midnight

Tonight was an awesome night. One Accord did a great job with  worship, even though they were up till 4am the night before, driving into Nebraska from Des Moines. Kendall Alfaro, an evangelist from Arkansas, was excellent. He preached the word and truth, and almost all of our students came forward to the altars to 'seal the deal'. We prayed together, and then worshipped some more.

I mentioned that the angels in heaven rejoice when one person gets saved. When tons do, just imagine the party going on. It will probably rain because of all the angels sweating and dancing. Well, my camp dean informed me that we were in a major thunderstorm at that exact moment. We didn't have any damage, but I did hear that baseball size hail hit the Kansas Camp just south of us. 

Wonderful first night, can't wait for the rest of the week. Tomorrow the rec begins between the Ninjas, Spartans, Vikings, Samurai, Jedi, and Pirates

Monday - Youth Camp 2 - 6:30pm, Preservice

Today was chaotic, but wonderful. We almost had 50 walk-ons (last minute sign ups) and 20 new leaders for a total of about 420 people at camp. That's a great size and pretty large for us so pray that everything runs smoothly. 

We just had Monday night pizza, quickly becoming a camp tradition, it's amazing. See ya later!

Monday - Youth Camp 2 - 9:00am

Our 2nd week of camp this year starts TODAY! I'm so excited. We filled up our leadership roster late on Friday night, and I've been hearing reports all weekend about great stuff God has been doing in the lives of students from last week over the weekend.

I was in church at Cozad Living Hope, about 15 minutes west of our campgrounds, on Sunday. There was only one student that made it to camp, Sarah. She got up to testify and told about all th wonderful things God had done from every night. She made us all get up and relocate to a different spot in the church, sitting by people we don't normally sit by, kind of like I had done during the morning devotions. She brought some rocks, and tossed them to the ground, re-enacting Jacob Jester's sermon on the Ripple Effect from Thursday night. One man sitting behind me testified after her, with tears in his eyes, that he saw so much change in her. He'd seen her coming for four years and hardly ever say a word in church, and now, she was preaching. It was amazing, and I couldn't help but wonder what was happening in churches all over the state, in the same way.

Jay and Emily Warriner were at the campground yesterday so we had a chance to hang out with them and their kids. Most of our setup was done, so it was a great, relaxing day. 2 or 3 college groups showed up, as well as many of our leaders. Our cook came with a ton of great, fresh food, ready for more of her great creations this week. I took all of the kids swimming, and Abundant Life from Grand Island brought a group to pray over the campgrounds again.


Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday - End of Youth Camp 1

It was an amazing week. We finished off this morning and sent everyone on the way back home, back to their mission field. I remember Pastor Bruce told the story about a teenager he saw once on the Friday right before the end of camp. She said she was so sad to leave camp, but Bruce helped her realize that she should be so excited to get back on the mission field.

A got a facebook message from one of our leaders who was interacting with a student that had a tremendous week at Camp Lex. She came home to find out that a friend was in the hospital because of a failed suicide attempt. Normally, she would have become too stressed out to be a witness, but she felt empowered by God's Spirit this time. She went to her and prayed for her and God healed her and set her free.

Remember, check out www.neyouthcamps.blogspot.com for pics

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday - Youth Camp 1 - Midnight

We had a great last night at youth camp 1. Jacob preached about the ripple effect, and how we can do something great for God that has a ripple effect in our world. He handed out rocks to different people he'd connected with to spur them on. He encouraged a student he hadn't met to come forward and take one but the student declined and left the rock there on the floor. I picked it up and gave it to his youth pastor to hold onto until the student was ready. What a moment though, to see someone decline; it made it much more meaningful for those who accepted the challenge.

We prayed for people who felt called to ministry and for a heart for the lost. We gathered around Jacob and prayed for him.

Late night, certain leaders hid and students tried to find them for points. I hid under a deck, but some girls found me, though I didn't help them win the competition. The winning team was the PIRATES and they got some extra time in the rec center while everyone else had to go to bed.

Thursday - Youth Camp 1 - 10:00am Testimonies

Here's a recap of some more great stuff:

- A student from a youth group in Grand Island was bummed because her family is moving to Florida. She was praying last night about being a missionary to China. As she was praying, she didn't even realize it, but she suddenly found herself praying for Florida. Now, she knows she's moving there with a purpose.

- A dorm leader has a sister at camp that never opens up and becomes emotional. Last night, God broke her and she began to cry and pray for others like never before.

- A student in a room was filled with the baptism of the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues for the first time, describing it as "God totally changed my life"

- A new youth pastor spoke up about his wife, who has a huge heart for missions. Last night, as we were giving things up to God, the youth pastor gave up a fear of failure, then he prayed for his wife to give up her fear of failure as well. He woke up and saw some messages from his wife (who is at home) on his phone, and his wife asked if he prayed for her because she felt like God took her heart and changed it in the night.

- Jay encouraged us. God speaks to us in a number of ways. In today's world, he said, don't be surprised if God texts you.

- A security staff person mentioned that he doesn't get to be in services much because of his role. He came in last night, right as students were rushing to the altars, and it really broke his heart. He didn't think God would touch him while working at camp, but He did.

- A dorm leader mentioned a student that has been coming to camp for years. She's never been filled with the Spirit, and was somewhat scared of it, but she came forward last night and God gave her the Baptism of the Spirit.

- We had a STL offering last night, and then we went into worship. We prayed with kids in worship, and a student mentioned that he felt like he was supposed to give more, so a student found a leader to see how he could give the rest of his money. He emptied his billfold for God.

- Our camp director was up front in prayer and walked next to a pulpit off to the side which has swords on it, and noticed that one was loose. Just a couple of minutes later, our speaker asked for a sword. My camp director quickly looked back at the pulpit, got it off, and rushed it up to the speaker. God has a way of getting the job done even when it doesn't make too much sense to us.

- Jay (camp director) asked our nurse how many years she's been working at our campground, and she said '26 years'. Jay then asked the leaders how many were younger than 26 and three fourths of the leaders raised their hands. Then the nurse said,'I was never able to go to camp as a kid, so God has given me this instead, and it's wonderful'.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday - Youth Camp 1 - midnight, postservice

Tonight was another incredible night, outside the norm. We honored our missions team on their upcoming trip to Jamaica, and then we took up a STL offering. We went into worship, and then Jay had us pray more into the healings that God has been doing in our midst. 

Worship took off and Jacob Jester just led us in worship and prayer. At one point, he had us push the chairs back and sit down on the ground and we heard the story of the Alamo. He had the leaders on stage and drew a line on the ground, asking the students to cross the line to commit to living bold for God. He asked for a sword, so my youth pastors ripped one off the pulpit to hand to him. 

We went around and prayed for these students. I saw one and prayed that God would raise him up to be a David. He told me later at the popstand that what I had prayed had been his prayer coming into camp this year. I felt like God wanted us to pray for the Holy Spirit, so I went up on stage, expecting Jacob to probably hand off the mic soon. He came to me and said, 'I'm feeling we should pray for the Holy Spirit'. Confirmation.

Wednesday - Youth Camp 1 - 6:00pm, preservice

I'm really excited about tonight. Last night was just amazing, and tonight should keep moving forward as well. A number of youth groups are visiting and hopefully, students who have never been to camp will see things that make them want to come next time.

I had a great afternoon. I took a youth pastor out to get some coffee and we had a great time connecting, Then, I played a few games of staff basketball, and actually won one! (but still didn't make a three pointer). 

Pray for our pre-camp leader Paula. While the kids were on the go-carts, she had an accident. She hurt her mouth and teeth pretty bad, as well as her wrist and leg. She is back at the camp but on bed rest. We are believing for a miracle. 

Wednesday - Youth Camp 1 - 10:00am, Testimonies

Heres a list of some of the testimonies from yesterday:

- A student testified that he was having problems with his sternum and God touched it and healed it last night.

- A leader named Jeremiah hurt his leg. His dorm leaders prayed for him. It was his ACL in his knee, which had been repaired last year after camp. When they prayed, and service was done, we saw him jumping around, healed. He came up and shared, and God broke out with healing all over the place.

- A girl had legs that weren't the same size. God helped grow her leg and made them the same size.

- The first night, a female dorm leader had her girls write down things they wanted to see happen this week, after the first service. Lots of boys and family issues. They prayed last night, got back to the cabin, and shared testimonies. One of the girls, the one with some of the toughest issues from the first night, heard the voice of God say that she was beautiful and it changed her life.

- Some dorm leaders told their girls to be excited about what God was going to do. After service, they shared what God had spoken to them. All of them had a testimony of something God had said to them. They started edifying each other as they were doing it.

- More testimonies in cabins. In one particular cabin, there were church kids that already had a relationship with Christ. They wanted NEW things from God, wanted to go 'UP'. They went and prayed for people and then had a tremendous lift of faith watching God heal people. Any doubts they had were washed away when they saw what God can do.

- Our piano player was on the keys for 3 hours, and his fingers didn't fall off!

- A worship team member admitted that sometimes he always has to perform to get people's attention. God spoke to him that he was supposed to give someone a hug and not expect anything back. Walked away and feeling great and not even 5 seconds later, a team member came up and said I love you because of who you are not what you do. Then this morning, one of his campers came in right after he just woke up, and bought him a coffee from the coffee shop, just because.

- The man that ran our talent show admitted that 75% of the people who had signed up never showed up because they couldn't stop praying and seeking God. Then, he saw more people leaving the rec center to go back to the tab and see what God was doing. The talent show flopped because of God, and he gave a testimony about it!

- During camper devotions, a leader interacted with a kid that said, 'it was the craziest one ever.' He's been coming since he was 2, and this one was the best. BUT - the coolest part, he had a dream last night about a lot of healing taking place. In his dream, he was praying for his best friend. He woke up, with his hand on his shoulder praying for him. 

- A college rep said that she felt that God said to her,  through the power of these testimonies, he wants to heal families. Interceding for kids families and healing in their lives. If you're reading this, and you're the family member of someone at camp, we're praying for freedom for you.

- A leader was praying for a girl with really tense shoulders, which she felt was a sign of her problems with her family life. They began to pray for it, and she felt her shoulders ease up. She learned that though her earthly parents mess up, her heavenly Father never will.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday - Youth Camp 1 - Midnight, postservice

What a night. God was doing incredible acts of freedom all over the room, especially with leaders. We spent a time praying for loved ones that don't know God, and then celebrated. Near the end, a leader came up that had hurt his leg earlier and was on crutches. God had completely healed him. It started a chain reaction and God started healing people all over the room. I'm sure we'll have some amazing testimonies tomorrow.

Tuesday - Youth Camp 1 - 6:00pm preservice

For current camp pics, go to: www.neyouthcamps.blogspot.com

I had a great afternoon. Had a chance to get rocked at basketball by Jay Warriner's team, though I had fun trying. I had an awesome conversation with Cory Demmel, Brian Korell, and Jacob Jester in the rec center.

We gave out our regional PK retreat info to our PK's, and gave them some free popstand bucks for snacks later on. Ready for an awesome service on FREEDOM tonight!

Tuesday - Youth Camp 1 - 3:00pm Rec

The rain finally stopped for the afternoon, so we're able to still have plenty of games outside and ride the go-carts, though we can't stop by Arrowhead today. Maybe tomorrow.

Cory Demmel, our great rec director and pastor at Bellevue Christian Center, played the worst 'gross' game ever in the history of camp. Whole teams had to finish a number of food items together - watermelon, rice, sunflower seeds, pickles. People were getting sick just for the sake of points, and our popstand wasn't getting too much business. I couldn't even watch.

Remember, pics are available at www.neyouthcamps.blogspot.com

Tuesday - Youth Camp 1 - 11:00am testimonies

Tuesday at camp, we're in staff meeting and doing testimonies. 

- One dorm leader had an amazing discussion with his boys at night before they went to sleep. - -- - Another had a student that had come because he liked a girl, but he gave his life to God last night. 
- A youth pastor stood up and had two girls who had paid to come to camp, but were scared at church the Sunday before. He still had them come and God touched them at the service last night, relieving all their fears.
- During dorm time before dinner, a dorm leader asked her girls what they wanted God to do in their lives this week. Then, last night during service, they knew what to pray about and had an outpouring of God in their lives, and another great discussion after service.
- When the leader asked us to share what God has done in our lives tonight with each other, a girl told a leader that God told her the way her boyfriend was treating her wasn't good, and she knew that they needed to break up.
- While our speaker was praying at the altar with students, a student handed him a bottle. He thought it was water, but he looked and it was a Bacardi. She also gave him a razor, a bong, and a pipe. 
- A guy named Johnny had struggled with worship back home. His youth pastors were trying to help him with a heart of worship. When his dorm leader talked to him after service, he said, 'It was great, I didn't think about girls even once.'
- A student found me in pre-service prayer and told me that he felt like God was already speaking to Him, and it wasn't even the service yet!

Remember, go to www.neyouthcamps.blogspot.com for current pictures

Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday - Youth Camp 1 - 1:00pm

Registration just began and I'm so happy. Not just because students are showing up all over the camp, but also because my setup is virtually over. WHEW! (a lot of work)

- Finding extension cords
- Moving boxes everywhere
- Setting up 400 chairs in the dining center
- Trying to hang banners in the tabernacle
- Searching for the lost mozarella for our first meal - pizza
- Putting together fire pits
- Finishing the final touches on our new gym floor
- Visiting Lexington Calvary Assembly of God for church
- Sleeping (optional)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

NE Camp Trivia Challenge - End

Thank to everyone for playing the NE CAMP TRIVIA CHALLENGE this past week. It was a lot of fun and will increase the activity at our popstand this summer!

Congratulations to our final winner from yesterday's trivia, SARAH. Her correct comment was chosen at random from all of the correct comments and she won $4 in popstand bucks for camps. Here's a listing of our winners this week:

Monday - Douglas
Tuesday - none
Wednesday - The View From My Picture Window ($8)
Thursday - Josh Cramer
Friday - Sarah

You can pick up your popstand bucks when you register for camps, which begins at 1:00pm the next 4 Mondays.

Starting on Monday, the blog will take a new schedule for the next 4 weeks:

www.nebraskayouthministries.blogspot.com - Stories and Testimonies from camp
www.neyouthcamps.blogspot.com - Pictures from the days at camp

Friday, June 5, 2009

NE Camp Trivia Challenge - Friday

Wow, only 3 days till camp!?! Congratulations to JOSH CRAMER for being the correct comment chosen at random as our winner from yesterday's trivia. Josh is a former carpetball champion, so how fitting that he was able to win on such a special day. I love the idea of a carpetball shooter though...

We have just gone through a process of re-naming our camp. Most people didn't know that the name was actually the Assemblies of God Camp and Conference Center (kind of long to say over and over). What is the new name (at least one sign should be going up by camptime)

A. Camp Bozo
B. Prairie Winds Camp and Conference Center
C. The Crossing at Lexington
D. Camp Lex
E. Adventure Campgrounds

Thursday, June 4, 2009

NE Camp Trivia Challenge - Thursday

Congratulations to the VIEW FROM MY PICTURE WINDOW for being the correct comment chosen at random as winner from yesterday's trivia. Because of the rollover, she won $8 in popstand bucks. Way to go. VRRROOM was the theme for our kids kamp a few years ago, Sacrifice was our STL theme and convention theme, but never for camp. Don't give up JOSHUA CRAMER and SARAH, there's still two days left. If you don't win, I'll buy you something at the popstand myself!

NE has a rich camp tradition that the entire nation even recognizes. In NE we began playing a game that has now taken off and is represented at virtually every campground nationwide. That game is the famous CARPETBALL. Though in need of an overhaul, how many functional carpetball tables do we have ready to play at camp this year? (by the way, I challenge anyone to a carpetball duel, my skills have improved lately)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

NE Camp Trivia Challenge - Wednesday

Guess what!?!?! Nobody guessed the correct answer yesterday. Our first Kids Kamp occurred in 1944! So, the $4 prize rolls over to today, making the winner from today's trivia the winner of $8 for our popstand (that's a lot of pizza rolls!)

The poster above and below are the themes for our camps this year. Which one of the theme's below WAS NOT a theme for camp in NE?

B. Sacrifice
C. The Amazing Race
D. Deepening
E. Treasure Island

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

NE Camp Trivia Challenge Part 2

Kids Kamp 1, 2008

Sorry a little late, but I'm finishing the new gym floor at the camp today.

Congratulations to DOUGLAS for being the correct comment chosen as our winner. He was the only one with the right answer (he does live at the campgrounds too!):

1. 112 - D, Roll Inn Dorm
2. 78 - B, King Dorm
3. 175 - A, Ackerman Lodge
4. 88 - C, Dickinson Dorm

He has won $4 to the popstand which will be awarded to him at camp. Thank you to all those who participated, and remember, the winner will be chosen at random from all the correct comments. Even if someone ahead of you answered correctly, you still have a chance to win!

Kids Kamp is a tradition in NE. In fact, Nebraska had the very first kids kamps in the nation. What year did we have our very first kids kamp?

A. 1933
B. 1944
C. 1955

Monday, June 1, 2009

One more point.....

Even if you think others have already answered correctly, DON'T BE AFRAID TO COMMENT IN. The winner will be chosen at random from ALL of the correct comments, so you still have a chance!

Don't give up. Chime in and win


Hello everyone, 

Today, in honor of our summer camps in Nebraska, we are starting a month of change. This week we will be hosting trivia questions every day worth $4 in prize money at our popstand (rec center). Then starting, next week, our blogs will be daily updates on camps, full of stories and pictures. In July, we will resume our regular schedule of blog entries (Monday - Life Lessons, Tuesday - Bible Trivia, Wednesday - Leaders Corner, Thursday - Testimonies, Friday - WHERE IS THAT IN NE? Trivia)

Congratulations to RYAN BURBANK for being the random correct comment chosen as our winner from last week's WHERE IS THAT IN NE? Trivia. It was Bluestem! He wins $2 towards any Nebraska Youth Ministries piece of merchandise or event.

We have roughly 450 beds at our camp, which includes housing for staff. Last year, we had 540 people at high school camp, so we had to have 90 people in alternative locations. We've rearranged our camps a bit to help spread out the numbers more evenly this year. Here's the trivia - match up the correct number of beds per dorm with the right dorm below:

1. 112 A. Ackerman Lodge
2. 78 B. King Dorm
3. 175 C. Dickinson Dorm
4. 88 D. Roll Inn