Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday - LIfe Lessons

1) Here's today's blog entry:

This past weekend, we had a great time as a family in Bellevue for Thanksgiving. I had the chance to speak at my home church, BCC. I spoke about believing in the next generation and we had the opportunity to take up a BGMC offering as well. They had all of the children in the service with us so it was a unique chance to speak to the whole family and I tailored my message that way. When I was on staff before, during holid
ays we would cancel the early service and just have one servic
e for the weekend. I had prepared that way, but showed up at 8am and saw that I was speaking for the early service as well. I quickly adjusted my message and prepared to speak to mostly adults. It went well, though it would have been nice to plan it our more in advance. It's important to plan as best we can, but then learn to adjust to changes that will inevitably occur throughout our day.

2). Here's today's song of the day:So glad that I'm never alone: ♫

3). Here's today's 2 top 100 NYM Photos of the day:

Top 100 NYM Photos/Memories of 2009: #63
Two MC's hanging on the basketball rafters during setup at Youth Convention in Gering!

Top 100 NYM Photos/Memories of 2009: #64
Playing Buck Buck during recreation at Youth Camp 1

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday - Songs and Pictures

1). Here's today's song of the day:Excited to speak at my home church this morning, BCC: ♫

2). Here's todays two top 100 NYM Photos of the day

Top 100 NYM Photos/Memories of 2009: #65
Cory Demmel speaking at Youth Convention in Gering in the Saturday services. We built a wall of our issues and then we tore it down. He is the youth pastor at BCC in Bellevue.
Top 100 NYM Photos/Memories of 2009: #66
Splash Ball at Youth Camps!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday - Song and Pictures

1). Here's today's song of the day:Life Light Up ♫

2). Here's today's two top 100 NYM photos of the year:

Top 100 NYM Photos/Memories of 2009: #67
Ryan Conner in our dunk tank at the Youth Convention in Gering. He was a fan favorite.

Top 100 NYM Photos/Memories of 2009: #68
Carpetball Tournament at Youth Camp 2, in our new pavillion.

Friday, November 27, 2009


1) Here's today's blog entry: Congratulations to REBEKAH for being the correct comment chosen as our winner from Tuesday's Trivia. She is now up to $18 in prize earnings - way to go!

Yesterday, I received a text from Blake Armstrong greeting me with HAPPY THANKSGIVING. He used to be the pastor at Dalton, and is now the pastor in a city very near our campgrounds. It also is the hometown of one of the Huskers starting defensive lineman. Can you guess the city?

2) Here's today's song of the day:#100 song in America. Jesus Reigns! ♫

3) Finally, here's today's 2 Top 100 NYM Photos/Memories of 2009:

Top 100 NYM Photos/Memories of 2009: #69
This is a shot of our incredible AIM Missions Team to Jamaica. They really aren't as bad as they look.

Top 100 NYM Photos/Memories of 2009: #70
This was our last stop on the STL/District Tour at Christ's Place in Lincoln. We gathered for a final shot of everyone who participated throughout the trip.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thursday - Testimonies

1) Here's today's song of the day:Happy Thanksgiving: ♫

2) Here's today's top 100 NYM Photos of 2009 for the day:
Top 100 NYM Photos/Memories of 2009: #71
Bellevue Fall Youth Convention. Cory and I throwing out Snuggies to welcome everyone on Friday night.

Top 100 NYM Photos/Memories of 2009: #72
STL Tour in North Platte. This is a meeting of youth and children's leaders to talk about STL and BGMC for 2009. We also had Byron Riddle talk with us about his need for a new trailer. After this group met, someone gave me a check for the entire amount of his trailer!

3) Jim Byh, NE Missionary to Africa, recently sent me these photos of the use of his newly restored STL Vehicle, provided by the students of NE. He wanted to say Thank You for the STL Funds to help him get his job done in Togo, Africa!

Here's Jim with the STL Vehicle

This is why he needs a STL vehicle to get to his churches in Togo

Here's the children at the school, ready for Jim's presentation of the gospel

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wednesday - Leaders Corner - Network

1) Here's today's song of the day: Great song for Thanksgiving: ♫

2) Here's today's top NYM Photos/Memories of 2009, for the day:

Top 100 NYM Photos/Memories of 2009: #73
Camp Work Days. A major project this year, we finally put a new layer of textured paint on the gym floor, making it look as good as new.

Top 100 NYM Photos/Memories of 2009: #74
Youth Camp. Shane Moore, youth pastor in York, did a great job as our kitchen student coordinator, and even with a hurt ankle. Look at his style, his poise. Incredible.

3). Here's today's blog entry:

2 Samuel 13: 37 - 'Absalom fled and went to Talmai son of Ammihud, the king of Geshur.'

When Absalom had murdered his brother, he knew his life could be in jeopardy. He ran in desperation to another son of a king nearby. They probably knew each other from royal activities and political events. Absalom ran to an associate and friend when he needed help.

We should prioritize the times to get together with other pastors and leaders in our same position in life. We share the same challenges in our jobs, and can help each other out in times of need. Many leaders tend to distance themselves from others in their area, rather than rely on them for friendship and support. Where will they run in their time of need? Sectional meetings, district events, weekly lunch and coffee appointments, social network websites: all are important in building a network of support.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday - Bible Trivia

1). Here's today's song of the day:#1 song in America - How He Loves ♫

2). Here's today's top 100 NYM Photos of the day

Top 100 NYM Photos/Memories of 2009: #75
STL Tour. Also in Ord, Mike wasn't feeling too good, so before service started, Leroy prayed for him. Great shot of our men's ministry leader taking care of his men.

Top 100 NYM Photos/Memories of 2009: #76
STL Tour. We stopped in Ord and the church from Taylor came out. We were praying to finish things off, and Leah snuck a peak in.

3). Congratulations to THE VIEW FROM MY PICTURE WINDOW for being the correct comment chosen as our winner from Friday's Trivia. They are now up to at least $2 in prize money.
This weekend is the wonderful holiday of Thanksgiving. The original story of Thanksgiving is when the Pilgrims made peace with Indians in the New World. Can you name a people group in the Bible that might have been described as Pilgrims, people in search of a new world?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday - Life Lessons (BELIEVE)

1) Here's today's song of the day:Last song from Youth Convention, Hallelujah: ♫

2) Here's today's top 100 NYM Photos of the day:

Top 100 NYM Photos/Memories of 2009: #77
Panhandle Youth Rally. Chris Wadle planned the event in Big Springs, and we had about 125 people there. After talking about relationships, we had an incredible game of dodge ball in the fellowship hall.

Top 100 NYM Photos/Memories of 2009: #78
Youth Camps. My wife bought these great food hats for the popstand. Some great shots came about because of those hats. One of our best financial years in the popstand too.

3) Here's today's blog entry:

Last night, I was able to watch the Eagles-Bears football game. In a close matchup, the Eagles prevailed over Chicago 24-20. It was a particularly disappointing loss for Jay Cutler, the quarterback of the Bears. His last outing was pretty bad; he had thrown 5 interceptions. In this game, he had 3 different opportunities for long touchdowns, but in each instance, he overthrew his intended target. Having been traded to the Bears in the biggest offseason move of the league, he was now under a tremendous amount of pressure to perform better.
After the game, the quarterback of the Eagles, Donovan McNabb, found Cutler in the middle of the field. Donavan is a veteran, one of the best quarterbacks in the league for years, and someone who has gone through his share of challenges and tough moments. He pulled Cutler aside and spoke privately to him, though cameras were looking on. For a couple strong minutes they talked just to each other, a long time for a camera focus on television, without sound.
When the reporters found McNabb a few minutes later, they asked him what he had said to Jay Cutler. He mentioned that the quarterback position is a bit of a fraternity in the NFL and he was encouraging Cutler during his difficult time.
What an awesome moment - to see the veteran pulling his opponent aside and encouraging him to HOLD ON after the game. He didn't rub in the victory, he didn't ignore him, he didn't tell him to give up; He told him that he BELIEVED in him. Wow.
Who do you believe in to be great?

Saturday, November 21, 2009


1) Here's today's top 100 NYM Photos of the day:

Top 100 NYM Photos/Memories of 2009: 81
Missions Bike Ride. Brian Korell on a roadside pitstop in between Lexington and Grand Island. He really had to go

Top 100 NYM Photos/Memories of 2009: #82
Gering Fall Youth Convention. After our Friday night service, we had a bonfire.

Friday, November 20, 2009


1) Here's today's song of the day:9th song from Convention Worship - Fire Fall Down ♫

2). Here's today's top 100 NYM photos of the day (we'll post more over the weekend as well):

Top 100 NYM Photos/Memories of 2009: #83
Fine Arts. Friday night, we had a worship service and we set up 4 creative stations around the sanctuary (drawing, writing, painting, and praying). This is the painting station

Top 100 NYM Photos/Memories of 2009: #84
STL Tour in North Platte. Byron Riddle, our incredible Chi Alpha leader for the state and UNL, missed his mouth

3). Here's today's Trivia: Congratulations to REBECCA for being the correct comment chosen at random as our winner. Though Noah sent out a dove 3 separate times, it also mentions that he sent out a raven as well, meaning at least 4 recorded times! She is now up to $18 in prize earnings. Way to go.
Today is a wonderful youth leaders birthday, Beth Keller-Ralls. Can anyone guess what city she helps lead the youth in?

A. Taylor
B. Crete
C. Sidney
D. Gordon

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday - Testimonies

1) Here's today's song of the day:8th Song from Convention Worship - Savior King ♫

2). Top 100 NYM Photos/Memories of 2009: #85,86

Top 100 NYM Photos/Memories of 2009: #85
STL Tour in Lincoln. Manny Prabhudas, missionary to Madagascar, promoted his STL Projects of motorcycles for his national pastors. Many churches picked up those projects for the goal this past year

Top 100 NYM Photos/Memories of 2009: #86
STL Tour in Hastings. Arjay posed for the shot, or was he eating crumbs off his sleave? He's the youth pastor at The Pulse:

3). Here's today's testimonies:
-convention was absolutely amazing!! i've grown up in church and i've never heard the story of david and goliath told like that. i loved it:) i will never forget looking up and seeing my hands help that cross through the crowd:) ..tht was amazing!! I actually am feeling really called to go look into and possibly go on the AIM trip to Ireland this upcomming summer.. i've never felt called to missions before, and living in AZ for 11 years prior to moving here last october, i had many oppertunities, but this is th efirst time i've felt like God has laid it on my heart♥ i'm sending in the part of that hand out either tomoro of thursday haha:) (from a student on facebook)
- Last week, GRAVITY (Glad Tidings Youth Group in Omaha) had a big outreach called Destiny. Over the course of the week they saw almost 700 people come to their meetings and hundreds of people accepted Christ.
- Two days ago, Chadron State Chi Alpha group hosted an outreach with our 7 project system. They had many people come and visit and at least 8 people made a fresh committment to Christ. Brian Korell, our Youth Alive coordinator, worked with them for the event.
- I spoke to a senior pastor yesterday. He had brought his group to convention. He said that both he and one his leaders had a life changing moment during the event.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday - Leaders Corner - Communication

1) Here's the song of the day:7th song from Convention Worship: One Way ♫

2) Here's the 2 Top 100 NYM Photos of the day:

Top NYM Photos/Memories of 2009: #87
STL Tour. This is our stop in Nebraska City again, and we're praying over our 2009 goals. Why aren't their fingers interlocked though...

Top NYM Photos/Memories of 2009: #88
Camp Work Days. Jenny (my assistant) and April (Superintendent's Assistant) washing windows in our dining center. Great shot to catch them actually working! jk

3). Here's todays leadership blog:

2 Samuel 13:32 - 'My Lord should not think that they killed all the princes; only Amnon is dead. This has been Absalom's expressed intention ...'

Absalom had killed a son of the king, but it had been reported to David that all of his boys were dead. Jonadab responded in this verse with the truth, only one son had been murdered. While still gut wrenching, it wouldn't be the same pain as finding out that your entire lineage was destroyed. Jonadab had the right information.

But, he then told David that Absalom had intended to kill David's son for some time. We know from earlier in the chapter, that he had been planning it for two years. Had Jonadab told David about that earlier, maybe David could have stepped in and saved his sons life. He had the wrong timing.

Right information is only truly helpful when it is delivered at the right time. As leaders, we must communicate the right way at the right time for the right results.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday - Bible Trivia

1) Here's the song of the day.6th worship song from Youth Convention: The time has come ♫

2) Unfortunately, we don't have a winner from Friday's trivia, so the question will carry over to this week. Here's the trivia for the day: Last night, my kids and I read the story of Noah and the Ark. How many times did he send out a bird to
see if dry land had appeared?

3) Here's the two top 100 NYM photos/memories for the day:

Top NYM Photos/Memories of 2009: #89
Fine Arts. Dan Courtney, representative from Trinity, spoke about worship Friday night. This is a great shot, with the Word behind him, and his notes.

Top NYM Photos/Memories of 2009: #90
Missions Bike Ride. This was our final day of riding, Sunday. Since we missed church, at one of our stops, Jenny pulled out her Bible and gave us a mini sermon. Inspiring.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday - Life Lessons (Momentum)

1) Here's today's song of the day:5th song from convention worship: With Everything! ♫

2) Here's today's blog:
Last night I had the chance to speak at York's Fusebox High School youth ministry. It was awesome. They meet in a downtown venue that is set up like a garage concert hall. They are in a series called CRAZY LOVE. There are 4 teams and they compete for points on everything from games to visitors and offering. 5 years ago, when I became the DYD, there was about 10 students in the youth ministry at York. Last night, there were almost 45 students there, and 25 other students meet in the jr. high group on Wednesday nights. Every week, they keep having more and more visitors for points in the series. There were many students that had been at convention, but I was shocked with many more hadn't been to convention because they just started coming in the last two weeks. These students looked like they'd been around for years, they had so much energy and were so well connected already. I gave away a ton of free shirts and wristbands to 'new' kids. Crazy Love has been a huge momentum builder in the Fusebox youth ministry.
What are you doing to build momentum in your ministry? Tell us about it!

3). Here's today's Top 100 NYM Photos/Memories for the day: #91,92

Top NYM Photos/Memories of 2009: #91
AIM missions trip to Jamaica. This is our AIM team on the bus in Jamaica, on their way to minister at a school. What a fun, rowdy crew.

Top NYM Photos/Memories of 2009: #92
Fall Convention in Gering. Saturday morning we did a game called T-shirt stuff. Teams had a minute to fill as many balloons as they could in his T-shirt. This was the winner. Looks like the HULK. He won a STL shirt.

Friday, November 13, 2009


Congratulations to Rebecca for being the correct comment chosen as our winner from Tuesday's Trivia. 1993 was the year that the first edition of THE MESSAGE hit the shelves. She is now up to $16 in prize money. Way to go

Here's today's song link of the day:The second song at convention last weekend, Take it all: ♫

Here's today's WHERE IS THAT IN NE? Trivia: In our state playoffs for Class B, there are 4schools still in the hunt and they play tomorrow night. Three are schools outside of Omaha that are from cities where we have Assemblies of God churches. Can you name at least two of those schools?

Finally, we're posting 2 pictures from our list of the Top 100 Photos/Memories of Nebraska Youth Ministries in 2009. You can also see these photos on our NYM facebook group page as well:

#98 - Fall Convention Air Dancer
This was the 15 foot tall welcome that everyone got when they showed up for convention this year. We found him on ebay and we plan on getting more in the years ahead. I had many friends that said, 'You will drove by and saw the red guy. Pretty cool!'

#97 - Head Banging at Youth Camp 1
The final night of camp, we did a leaders hide and seek. As we gathered back in the tabernacle, we had teams sit together while we compiled the final scores. We played the theme songs from each team, to pump them up and kill time. The team in this picture is the Spartans, the man with the wild hair is Keith, and the man to the right of him is Russ, both are MC's. I saw Russ dancing, and Keith jumped up and started head banging, and nailed Russ with the back of his head. Russ's look is one of joy and pain at the same time. Priceless!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday - Testimonies

Welcoming Crew at Convention

Convention this past weekend was amazing. Here's some testimonies:

- A student messaged me on facebook. She had been in an abusive relationship and God set her free from that bondage in her life.

- A youth leader from Gothernburg (30 miles west of our camp) messaged me that she had 3 students in her youth ministry receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit

- The youth pastor from York told me about how some of his students accepted Jesus. Their first youth meeting after coming home, he had the opportunity to pray with a girl from a Methodist church to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

- We had a non AG church visit and they loved it. They'd like more information on future events, and they already booked Allen Griffin to come back to one of their own events!

- A week ago, I was up at North Central University. I found out that 95% of the Ministers who work with Deaf Ministries in the nation graduated from NCU. Isn't that amazing?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wednesday - Leaders Corner - Adapt

Air Dancer from Convention

Luke 9:13 - Jesus replied, 'You give them something to eat.'

Leaders need to know how to adapt in challenging situations. The disciples had to think of a way to feed thousands of people when they didn't have any food.

Recently, Cindy Holbrook in Lexington was faced with a challenge. I awarded her a BGMC T-shirt on our Missions Bike Ride at Camp Lex. Unfortunately, the shirt was a kids size. So, she had to adapt.

She made a challenge to the kids in her church that whoever could bring in the most money in a two month time period would win the shirt. The students gave and gave, and altogether they brought in $167 for BGMC! That's a pretty valuable shirt, and a creative way to face a challenging situation. Way to go Cindy

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday - Bible Trivia

Congratulations to Pastor Mike for being the correct comment chosen as our winner from Friday's Trivia. The DYD the last time we had convention in Bellevue was Rick Lorimer.

Here's today's trivia: The Bible has many different translations for people of different cultures. What was the first year that the Message Bible Translation came out?

A. 1991
B. 1992
C. 1993
D. 1994

Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday - Life Lessons (excellence)

We had a great Fall Convention this past weekend. Thank you to everyone that came and especially to all those that helped out in some way. We'll post all of our pictures on our picasa web album tomorrow.

For those that came, they might have noticed an upgrade in the quality of some of our technical details. We contracted out companies to help run our sound, lights, and videos. Usually, we only contract out one of those items, and then we find volunteers to help us run the other two on our own. We invested some more money this year with the hope that more students and leaders would come, hosting one of our conventions in the Omaha metro area.

I constantly heard many comments about people being impressed with the stage and the look of convention. Many youth leaders appreciated our efforts to upgrade as well. But the thing that impressed me the most was the work behind the scenes. This was the most extensive setup I've ever experienced for a convention, and usually it takes us two days. Because of a concert at BCC the night before, we only had one day, yet we got the job done. We didn't have time to run a technical run through, so I was concerned that we would have quite a few miscues in our schedule.

Instead, the flow of the service was incredible, our crews hit their cues time and time again, and for both services we were ahead of schedule by an average of 10 minutes per scheduled item. WOW!

Striving for excellence has many benefits and should always be the goal for us in our pursuit of Jesus and our ministry as well.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Congratulations to LARISSA for being the correct comment chosen as our winner from Tuesday's Trivia. She is now up to $12 in prize money. Way to go!

Tonight is our Eastern NE Fall Convention at Bellevue Christian Center. According to our records, we have only had youth convention in Bellevue one other year. Can you name the DYD of Nebraska at that time:

A. Toby Schneckloth
B. Rod Whitlock
C. Rick Lorimer
D. Mike Maroney

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thursday - Testimonies

Eastern NE Convention tomorrow!!!!

- Last week, I had the chance to hear Gordon Anderson speak at a banquet. He is the current president of North Central University, and the scheduled speaker for our ministers retreat next January. He talked about how he grew up in Bayard, NE. He mother and father grew up without Christ and his father-in-law was a horse thief. Yet, somehow, one of them found church and took him as a young child. He gave his life to Christ, and his destiny was set. Don't overlook the potential for the young children just starting to come to your church. Who knows what they might become someday in God's plan?

- Ryan Conner, youth pastor of Friend Christian Assembly, told me a great testimony. Recently, their church just purchased a small building next door, to be their youth facility. With costs of remodeling, the total was going to be $30,000. Without knowing who, a benefactor gave the money to the church unanimously. Now they are working on the building and preparing it for ministry in the near future.

- Jay Dunston, NE student at NCU from Bellevue, is the head of a budget committee which is organized with students helping make decisions on certain parts of the financial piece for the school. Also, during chapel, I looked onstage and Nate Sandoval was drumming in worship, and also drummed later with the jazz band at a banquet. Way to go NE students at NCU!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wednesday - Leaders Corner - ReInvent

Last week I was at North Central University. We had a meeting of DYD's where we discussed the possibility of reinventing the identity of North Central, from a marketing standpoint. They asked us a number of questions about how we feel students think about North Central, in terms of it's strengths and weaknesses. It was quite an experience.

Here's a website that I found which has a great idea. They post a contest where people can help reinvent their logo, but they can't use digitial media. They can use any objects, but then take a picture and send it back to them. They send out awards and post winners. What a great idea for youth in our ministries to help Reinvent our look as well. Here's the link to check it out:

Wednesday - Leaders Corner - Missions

Welcome to Convention !!!

At our weekend fall convention, we will take up an offering for Speed the Light (STL). STL is the missions program for our students helping them raise money for missionaries. We will highlight a recent church plant in Omaha, Flatland 24. At the beginning of the year, the students of NE gave them $3,500 in STL funds, and now they have some incredible technical equipment to use in their services.

It's important to help missionaries with their needs. We have a place online where students can interact with missionaries through their blogs:

We currently have 4 missionaries on the blog site. The following is a blip from Kristi's blog about their upcoming trip to South America. They will leave very soon and we will support them with a STL vehicle as well:
We are very close to leaving for South America for 4 years. 73 days away, in fact. That's not very long when it's put in days like that. I can feel a bit of panic at the back of my throat, but at least we have a concrete goal. I'm not super great at the trusting that God sees the big picture stuff. Working on that has seemed to be the name of the game this last year and a half. I wish I could learn these life lessons in an easier and more efficient way (which right there will lead to yet another, I'm sure).

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tuesday - Bible Trivia


Congratulations to our winner from Friday's trivia, PASTOR MIKE. The former NE youth pastor was correct and is now up to $4 in prize money. Way to go.

Here's today's trivia: This weekend is our Bellevue Eastern NE Youth Convention. Can you name a time in the Bible when people came together for a celebration?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday - Life Lessons (preparation)

Gering Youth Convention Poster #1
Bellevue Youth Convention THIS WEEKEND !!!!

I'm getting real excited for youth convention this coming weekend in Bellevue. It's going to be a great time of coming together with youth and leaders from all over our state. Our goal is 1,000 strong! Be praying for us and help us get the word out. Register at Also, for groups that didn't get hotel rooms reserved ahead of time, we can still host about 100 students at one of our churches in Omaha for only $5 a person. Let me know if interested.

I was honored to be in a North Central University chapel last week with Ryan Conner (Youth pastor from Friend) Trent Mettenbrink (Youth pastor from ????) and Aaron Bade (Youth pastor in South Sioux City). The speaker was talking about how Samuel whispered in David's ear 'You're going to be the next King of Israel.'

He wanted to help us realize how awesome that was, so in comparison, he walked to the front row and whispered in a students ear, 'You're going to be the next Billy Graham'. He stood back up and saw the student wasn't even looking at him. What he didn't know, is that he went to a student in the deaf section and the student was looking at his interpreter to see what the speaker had said.

The speaker then went to a young girl and said, 'You're going to be the next Mother Teresa'. The girl lifted her hand and he saw a wedding ring. Trying to recover, he said, 'the married Mother Teresa'. Lastly, he went to a young man and whispered, 'You're going to be the next Reggie Dabbs'. Realizing that the student was caucasian, he recovered, 'The white Reggie Dabbs'.

It's fun to branch off from our preparation and do spontaneous things from time to time, but even in those moments, it's good to plan ahead so we do the right things!