Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ireland AIM Update - Day 2

Day 2 is coming to a close and to revisit the roller coaster analogy from yesterday, I feel like we’ve gone up and over the first hill. Obstacle or opportunity? Both!

Pastor Bruce got violently ill last night, which pretty much put him out of commission for much of today. As many of these trips as he’s been involved in, he’s never had that happen to him. We could have allowed that to become a major obstacle in our training process, but various leaders stepped up and led the way. It became an opportunity for everyone to stretch a bit and remain flexible. Pastor Bruce is feeling a bit better this evening, but your prayers for his full recovery would be greatly appreciated!

Much of the day was spent in our various ministry groups, learning human videos and dance routines, puppetry, object lessons, and the fine art of making balloon animals. While a lot of high level progress was made today, there’s a lot of refinement to be done tomorrow.

This evening, we joined the youth of Christ’s Place in a prayer and praise service, wherein there was a student baptized in water, and four students accepted Christ for the very first time! The Rock Solid youth also took a moment to ay hands on and pray for our entire team as we draw closer and closer to departure.

Here’s a pic that sort of captures the craziness of the day…For additional photos from our first two days, click here!

Tomorrow’s another day. There’s sure to be some peaks and valleys, a loop, and maybe even a barrel roll or two! In the form of specific prayer requests, I add the following:

  • URGENT: One of our girl's passport is currently being held by a foreign consulate in New York City. It will require a miracle for it to arrive before we leave. She's here, by faith, but must have it to travel with us on Friday.
  • Pray for the health of the team. With Pastor Bruce’s illness today and the closeness we share with each other, pray that no one else gets sick and that we all remain healthy throughout the remainder of our trip.
  • Pray for individuals that may be harboring some “fear of the future.” We don’t always know what’s going to happen next, or what’s right around the corner, and that drives a lot of people nuts. Pray that we fully rely on God to guide our every step.
  • Pray for the families of each of our team members. Many of them leave “difficult situations” at home that become obstacles in their minds, stealing their focus from the task at hand. Pray for parents who are struggling with allowing their kids to temporally leave the nest. Pray also for our leaders who are leaving their spouse and/or children at home. Pray that families will experience a peace and comfort that only the Holy Spirit can provide during this time of separation.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ireland AIM Update - Day 1

Cue the catchy upbeat Irish music, video sequence of picturesque landscapes, and a game show host inviting you to: “Join us as we embark on a journey halfway around the world to reach people that are lost, hurting, disenfranchised, hungry, and broken in Derry, Northern Ireland - a city that’s been divided by religious and political differences for hundreds of years. Join us as work by FAITH…experience HOPE…and labor in LOVE. The opportunity of a lifetime must be seized within the lifetime of the opportunity. 14 days. 45 people. 1 focus.”

Okay, so this may not be the newest season of Survivor, but there are a lot of similarities! Of the thousands of youth from across Nebraska that could be here, THESE are the participants God has orchestrated being on this trip. We stand in a similar place as Esther was when Mordecai asked if she had been placed in her position “for such a time as this.” (Esther 4:14) It has become clear that God has uniquely gifted THIS team at THIS time to do THIS work.

This is day one! The team has arrived in Lincoln and has spent the afternoon and evening getting to know each other, sharing testimonies of how God provided for them to be here, and learning the various aspects of ministry they will be participating in on the trip. It’s been sort of like getting on a roller coaster, getting strapped in and sitting at the bottom of the first big hill – we’re excited, scared, and ready for the ride of a lifetime!

My name is Tim Lillard (youth pastor, Norfolk, NE) and I will be your host, hoping to provide daily updates along the way. I know we’re just getting started but there are some specific things you could partner with us in praying for as we begin this incredible journey.

  • Pray for team unity. 14 days is a long time to live, breathe and eat with 45 other people. Pray that we remain unified in sprit.
  • Pray that God would stretch us and that we would remain flexible.
  • Pray that we would keep our focus in the midst of so many distractions.

Thank you all for your support and prayers!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday - Pics from Middle Camp

Here's some pics from the last full day at Middle Camp:

Students performing STOMP during morning Fun Arts

Campers on the horses at Camp Arrowhead

Our speaker praying over students at the service

Camp Tradition - Talent Night

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday - Testimonies from Night 3 at Middle Camp

Here's a recap of some exciting testimonies from Middle Camp:

- Last night, I was sitting near the back. I saw a student get up and ask his dorm leader to go out and get a drink. The dorm leader allowed him and the student left. Almost immediately, our speaker pulled out Rocky, his 'friend' that he uses as a ventriloquist. The dorm leader immediately got up and ran after his student. I thought maybe something was wrong, so I asked the dorm leader, and he said he wanted to get his student quickly back in service because Rocky was his favorite part. What a good dorm leader, making sure his student had the best experience possible.
- After the service a dorm leader had her girls in the room and they shared their testimonies with each other. They were able to explain the Holy Spirit in a little more detail and many of the girls were broken and moved in a special way.
- The girls from one particular dorm were having a hard time focusing in service. But during altar call, they went down and were still somewhat unfocused. The dorm leader decided to pray for them anyway, and then they prayed for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and three girls were immediately filled. The youngest girl was broken over her family and God was giving her words about how He was going to care for them.
- Our camp director was praying for girls and she was kind of struggling because she wasn't feeling anything. Right then, God spoke to her that it was Him who fills, not us. She let go of the thoughts of feeling, and then God began to move powerfully. She reminded us all that God is the one who fills and many leaders began to see greater things happen from that moment on.
- A boy had a hurt wrist from rec earlier in the day. The dorm leader had the students gather around him and pray for him. They woke up this morning, and his wrist was completely healthy and the entire dorm was very excited about it.
- One dorm leader saw most of her girls move forward for prayer for the Holy Spirit, but she stayed back with one girl who was needing some more counseling. About 5 minutes later, most of her girls came back to the seats saying they were done. The dorm leader took them all back up and said that she would pray with them for the Holy Spirit, but they said that they were already filled. The dorm leader asked if it had happened in the small time they were at the altar without her and they said it had.
- One dorm leader has had a rough week with her girls. The first day, one went home with homesickness. Tuesday a young girl was hurt near the horses in an obscure accident. Yesterday, a girl was severely dehydrated. This morning, one of her girls was feeling sick and couldn't eat. In the same way that many testified that God was the one in control, so did this dorm leader in spite of their struggles. She said that last night was so strong, as they did warfare for their dorm and believed that God would breakthrough.
- One of our dorm leaders had been a student at our oldest teen camp and had prayed for the Holy Spirit but not received. She was praying for her girls last night, and God filled her with the Spirit as well.
- A dorm leader noticed a young boy that was completely crouched over during prayer and the dorm leader was concerned that he was sleeping. He asked the boy to sit up, but soon he went down again. As he watched, he noticed the student raise his hands a bit and he wondered if maybe he was really worshipping. Later, he went up to be filled with the Spirit. The leader asked him later if he had ever asked the Lord to fill him with the Spirit and he said that it was what he had been doing earlier when the leader had tapped him on the back. He hadn't been filled, so the leader gave him a big hug.
- A dorm leader prays with his guys and reads a Psalm to them before they go to bed. He mentioned that when we pray in the Holy Spirit, it attacks evil. One of the boys mentioned that he had seen and heard strange spiritual things in his house. They prayed for him, and then went to bed. Later, in the morning, as they were preparing to go swim, the young boy said that he saw an angel in the room the night before as they were praying for the young man.
- One dorm leader was with her daughter, and our camp director asked for people with identity issues and confidence issues to come forward. She urged her to go forward, so she did. God really broke her down and she knew that God was loving her by giving her visions. The leader has noticed that she's been much more upbeat since that prayer time.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday - Testimonies from Night 2 of Middle Camp

Here's a recap of testimonies from last night at Middle Camp:

- One dorm leader arrived a little late. When she walked into her rooms (2 rooms with an adjoining door in the middle) her students were already starting to fight and argue. Later that night, at bedtime, and two girls were still fighting and causing issues. At the end of the service last night as she was rounding up her students, she noticed one of the most violent students sitting in a seat at the back of the room crying. When she approached her, the girl said she was sorry for the way she had been treating the others. Back at the room later, at bedtime again, all of the girls made amends and asked each other for forgiveness.
- After service, a male DL took his students back to his dorm room and had his students listen to a Christian song and let God speak to them. After popstand, when he asked them what God had spoken to them, every sing one of them realized that they were called into ministry (pastors, evangelists, camp speakers, worship leaders)
- A DL had one of your young girls confess that the first night, God told her she was going to be a missionary.
- In breakfast, a young girl had filled her bowl full of tons of fruit. She asked her dorm leader to go get some yogurt and put on top of the bowl. When she got back, the other girls said she was eating too much. She told them that she doesn't have fruit at their house because they can't afford it. The other girls calmed down and the dorm leader realized how important a camp experience is for these students in every way; spiritual and physical.
- A Dorm Leader had a girl that told her the first night she was adopted. The DL felt like it was an issue for the girl, but it wasn't until last night that the student opened up about it, broke down and cried. God brought a healing in her heart at the altar.
- A DL from last year is here at camp again. He had a student last year in his dorm that is also with him this year. He was a bit of a troublemaker last year, so the dorm leader was concerned. Just before service last night, this student got in a fight with someone. But at service, at the altar, he broke down and began to cry. He asked the dorm leader what was happening and the dorm leader just encouraged him that God was moving in his heart and don't be afraid. Another of his students told him that he was praying hard for his sister who didn't know the Lord.
- One leader was a having a difficult time. They received some instruction from a coach, and then God moved in her girls last night. They were one of the last groups to leave the altar, along with a few other groups with some of our younger dorm leaders. It was good to see God move in the rooms of our first time dorm leaders.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday - Middle Camp

Here's some pics from Tuesday at Middle Camp:

It was Circus Theme Day

Students doing a human video for Fun Arts

Boys Swim Time in the Pool

Cool Illustration during our service

Prayer Time at the Altars

Tuesday - Middle Camp

Here's a recap of testimonies from the first night at Middle Camp:

- A student from camp last week contacted me and told me that during the week he had been praying for his dad. Once home, he felt God telling him to talk with his dad. He asked him about his relationship with God, his dad broke down, and they were crying and praying together. It was huge breakthrough for their family.
- A leader started speaking to a student in line at our T-shirt/merchandise booth. He stopped for a second and told the leader, I became a Christian tonight. The leader rejoiced with him, and then he said his brother still hadn't done it. They agreed to pray for him and believe that he'd do it the next night at the altar.
- A dorm leader found a student that was angry at God. He was talking to him throughout the day, and at the service God broke him down and he rededicated his life to God.
- A dorm leader asked his students in the dorm room at night, what their favorite part of the service was. A student said it was amazing when they came together and prayed for each other.
- A number of students found our camp director after church and gathered around her and prayed for her. That usually happens at the end of the week, so she was very surprised that it had happened on the first night.
- The speaker gave a simple message about connecting with the power of God through salvation last night. He was expecting a small group of students to respond, but many students came forward to receive Christ. He asked leaders to come and pray for students, in tears. It was a powerful first night to kick off the week.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday - Middle Camp

Here's some pics from Monday at Middle Camp:

Camp Photo, right before service

Worship Time

Pastor Faith, doing some carnival games

Prayer Time at the altars in dorm groups

The climbing wall in the rec center

Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday - Youth Camp 2

Here's a recap of pics from our last day at Youth Camp 2:

Teams doing activities for points

Team Terminators came with an attitude!

Students in worship at the evening service

Camp Champs 2010 - GhostBusters

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday - Testimonies from Youth Camp 2

Here's a recap of testimonies from last night at youth camp 2:

- We held hands during the altar time to tear down the wall we were facing in prayer. A dorm leader had a vision of us as an army and we bulldozed the wall down. After the prayer, she was out of breath because she had been praying so hard.
- A dorm leader was worshipping without knowing where her girls were. During worship, one of her hardest students came running up to her, hugged her, was crying and broken, and they prayed for a breakthrough.
- A student told our camp director that when we grabbed hands to pray he had a vision that we were playing Red Rover with demons and winning.
- A dorm leader had a young lady in her room filled with the Spirit. Two other girls had visions: 1) She saw Jesus dusting a house, and felt like it was her heart. 2) Saw a number of kids holding hands in the air, making a tunnel, with people walking through and they were praying for them.
- A student came up to one of our youth pastors and said he wants to be a leader. The youth pastor began to pour into him, and then others gathered around so he had a little small group about leadership. He encouraged them to go home and testify to their youth leader/pastor back home and volunteer more.
- A dorm leader is here that has been with the same boys in his dorm the last four years. He has one young boy that has desperately wanted to be filled with the Spirit year after year. Last night, he was finally filled with the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues.
- A dorm leader had a student that was baptized in the Holy Spirit, and then another student heard God speak to her and change the plans for her life.
- Two girls from one dorm were filled with the Holy Spirit. One testified that she started making noises, and the other said that she was making noises too. The dorm leader checked and they did understand what was going on.
- A dorm leader had a student that went forward to be refilled with the Holy Spirit. At the altar, God was showing him many memories from his life. God was walking through a number of situations where God was developing him into a leader.
- 2 girls from one dorm were filled with the Spirit. When they got back to their room at night, they looked up all the verses that the speaker had quoted in his message. As they were doing this, another quiet student in the room was listening intently, and she started crying and confessed that she has struggled with emotions all her life and God was setting her free.
- One of our maintenance members was in service last night. He had a camp staff member that came to the service last night and was filled with the Holy Spirit, and then they gathered with rec staff members and prayed to close out the service.
- In the service, one of our students was praying and asking God to pour out His Spirit. One of the vents in the ceiling was leaking and it leaked onto her head. She felt like God allowed it and it changed her life.
- Last night, 2 girls from a dorm were filled with the Holy Spirit and they immediately broke up with their boyfriends back home because God told them to. They prayed for another girl in their group that had a bruise which hurt, and as they were praying the bruise disappeared.
- A girl told her dorm leader before she came to camp she was talking with an atheist. He told her that when he died, he would become a tree. She was thinking how ironic it would be if he turned into a tree, which became paper, and was made into a Bible. Our speaker said they could also be toilet paper, you never know.
- Another student walked into service on crutches, but he walked out on his own two feet.
- A leader had been crushed by a beam in his work before camp. Last night, he walked out of service without any pain in his body.
- Our popstand director came into service last night to pray for people. It is very difficult for our popstand manager to make the service because of how busy he is, but he made it last night. He began to pray for students though he had a major migraine. Our speaker mentioned that their were people who struggled with migraines in the altar and God wanted to heal them. As our popstand manager prayed for others, God took his migraines away.
- The popstand workers also made it to service. One of our popstand leaders came forward to pray, and she happened to be in the same part of the altar with the campers from her church. She saw the older girls helping out the younger ones.
- When the leader mentioned that God wanted to heal people with migraines, a student came to his dorm leader and told him that it was healed.
- Our leader of preservice prayer spent some time focusing on students praying for their parents. He wasn't sure that was right on, because the topic at night was the Holy Spirit. But a student told a dorm leader that her family was in shambles and her dad was in jail. She prayed with her and encouraged her to trust God.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday - Testimonies from Youth Camp 2

Here's a recap of some of our testimonies from Wednesday's staff meeting:

- A dorm leader mentioned that many of the girls in her room had visions from God on how to reach out to their friends on their campus. She had one girl give her heart to the Lord for the first time.
- A dorm leader had a student that had been hurt during the rec in the middle of the day. He was on crutches throughout the day and sat in the back during service. He was prayed for during the altar time and we saw him later in the popstand with no crutches, healed!
- A dorm leader had a bunch of girls that were touched by the message, Who told you that? They were praying together about how they are picked on back home for being Christians. Another camper came up during their prayer and said to them that God told her to tell them they were beautiful and special. They had never had someone do that before.
- A dorm room was talking before bedtime and the boys said that God had taken away their fears. One student who had confessed they had a messed up family and a bad relationship with his father said that God told him to pursue his dad more, love him, and respect him.
- A dorm leader was talking with one of her girls that talked about our morning devotions with Brian Korell. She said that while he was talking up front, she saw a bright face following him wherever he went. At first she thought she was high, but she knew that she was clean. God gave her a tremendous peace and she realized she saw a vision from God. The whole dorm room was excited and started jumping up and down in the middle of the night.
- A dorm leader has been talking with his students before bed. He is asking them specific questions to get them to talk because some are quiet. Every student had much to say last night, though the first night they were reserved. They all said their favorite part of the day was the service.
- A dorm leader said the first night was hard to get them to open up. Last night was much better. The speaker told a story how Jesus showed a friend of his a vision of how God sees him, as a poster on a wall in a museum. A girl in her room said that God showed her a poster of herself in the way God sees her as well during prayer last night.
- A dorm leader was excited to watch her students open up throughout the week. They have a dorm with two rooms and an open door in the middle. They've actually brought out a guitar, done some music together, and had some testimonies from the dorm leaders opening up first.
- A girl had a hurt wrist from softball before camp. She arrived with a brace on her wrist. During prayer time, God healed her wrist. She took the brace off and didn't have any pain.

Wednesday - Pics from Tuesday

Here's some pics from Tuesday at Youth Camp 2:

Arm Wrestling Tournament during the Blitz

Students on the rec field during games in the afternoon

Getting team points for team spirit

Worship Time during the night service

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday - Testimonies from camp

Here's a recap of testimonies from earlier today in our staff meeting:

- Our speaker talked about having a good attitude with your parents. A particular student was convicted and told his dorm leader later that he thought it was normal for students to hate their parents. He can't wait to get him and apologize to his mom and dad and set things straight
- A student was convicted of the same issue, and couldn't wait. He got up and immediately went out to call his mom and dad and apologize. They had a 20 minute conversation, one of the longest he had had with his parents in a long time.
- One girl is at camp with a broken heart; her brother had died only a month earlier. She was angry and confused. The speaker spoke about his son almost dying and somehow it comforted this young girl. She began to open up to her dorm leader about the situation and let her walls down.
- A girl confessed to her dorm leader that she struggles with smoking. She made a commitment to give it up and tell her parents about it as soon as she gets home.
- A dorm leader talked about how her students were pretty hard to calm down. They were always trying to be funny and it wasn't working. During the group time before bedtime, she was trying to get them to talk, when all of a sudden one of the girls began crying. She opened up about how her step dad had a horrible relationship with her. The entire room got real serious, gathered around her and prayed for her. Since then, they've all been getting along great.
- A dorm leader was having a great conversation with her girls at dinner about compromising, and then the speaker had the same topic in his message last night!
- A leader told her girls about the vision God had given her. One of her students asked if she was a psychic. The leader explained about visions, and then one of the other girls in the room said she had a vision too. She saw the members of her broken family in a room, all holding pieces of a broken heart, and when they came together, the heart became whole.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday - Youth Camp 2

Pics from the first day at Youth Camp 1:

Josh helped some girls get their bags to their rooms in Roll

Rachel was super excited to start the camp off right!

One of our students in Preservice Prayer

Mike and his chili cheese fries (break out the Metamucil tonight)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Great notes from Youth Camp 1

Here's a sampling of notes that I took from services this past week at Youth Camp 1:

- This week, God has something different planned than you do
- Compromise - the settlement of differences by mutual consent
- The 1st time you compromise, you're going to get away with it
- If Satan's not wasting time on you, you're not much of a threat
- Is this just a memory, or a moment?
- Moments are what builds momentum
- If you can name something wrong with me, I can name ten more things that are right with me
- Seek the Holy Spirit, not the gifts of the Holy Spirit
- What's greater in witnessing, your fear of being embarrassed or your fear of them going to hell?
- The more you share Christ with others, the more if makes sense to you

Friday - More pics

1). Here's a link to a video posted by our camp speaker from last night's service. You might have to befriend him on Facebook before viewing.

2). More pics from yesterday at Youth Camp 1:

The PreCampers were awesome all week

Our female solo champion from Fine Arts performed

Chad, David, and Nathan received the Howard and Irene Dixon Scholarships in the amount of $1,500 each. They are all attending North Central in the fall

We commissioned our AIM missions team, leaving for Ireland in a few weeks

The night closed with churches gathering together and praying for their communities

The winning team ... IRON MEN!!! Camp Champs 2010

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday - Testimonies from Camp

Here's a recap of testimonies from the service last night at Youth Camp 1:

- A leader prayed with a student to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, which he did. The leader moved on to pray with other students. Eventually, he made his way back to the original student and began to pray for more. The student stopped him and said, 'Wait, there's even more!'
- At night before bed a room of girls was talking about the service. One girl mentioned how she was praying for her heart's desire, to be married someday and have kids. God spoke to her and said, "I'll give you the desire's of your heart, when I become the desire of your heart"
- A girl in one dorm struggled with her image and never went a moment without makeup, even putting it on before she went to bed. After Tuesday night, she decided with another girl to fast makeup the next day. Today she is doing it by herself.
- A youth leader brought his younger brother to camp as a camper. He was in and out of foster homes all his life, with his mom leaving him when he was only 2 years old. He gave his life to God, has loved all the services, and is already different than when he first came.
- One student had a torn shoulder ligament and God healed him last night. He was doing pushups in his dorm room late at night to prove it.
- One lady had come diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. While praying for the baptism of the Holy Spirit last night, she had a tremendous peace come over her, something she hadn't felt before. She believes God set her free from the anxiety problem.
- One key leader mentioned how wonderful it was to see so many staff members this year who were campers themselves in previous years at camp.
- A dorm leader spoke about how 2 of his students were filled with the Spirit. One had been coming to camp all of his life, and is now a graduate. It's his last year at camp, and he received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.
- A male leader mentioned how he only had one moment last night to pray with someone, but it was a perfect situation in that he had the exact situations in his life to rely upon for counseling to the student.
- Another leader talked about how he had been working to worship God even when he didn't feel like it. Last night he was doing just that, when another person found him and asked for help in the exact same issue.
- A student from a church in Omaha was filled with the Holy Spirit and only had one word in their prayer language, but they prayed it all night long.

Thursday - More Pics

More Pics from yesterday at camp:

We kicked off the service with worship

Andrew wore the NEBRASKA shirt, in honor of their victory over Missouri last October

We prayed for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit at the altar

Michael King and BreatheDeep led us in worship late into the night

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday, More Camp Photos

More pics from yesterday at Youth Camp 1:

Team Patriots, at the Blitz

Playing 'around the world' at the Rec Center

Loving the GYRO

Cheering on their team in the gym

Wednesday Testimonies from Youth Camp 1

Here's a recap of our testimonies during our staff meeting this morning:

- A dorm leader met with her girls prior to camp (from her own church). They talked about wanting to reach out to people that look lonely at camp. Once at camp, one of her students told her about a lonely student she noticed that she was going to try to reach out to. During the service last night, she went out to use the restroom, and she noticed the lonely student sitting by herself at the flagpole. She went to her, they had a great conversation, and even exchanged phone numbers to stay connected after camp.
- A dorm leader testified about winning the clean cabin award, because he had been recognized many times for being the messiest cabin at camp. What a change.
- As a male dorm room was winding down at night, they were going around the room and talking about the cool things God had done. The DL called on a quiet student, who didn't mention much, and then, nonchalantly said, 'Well, I got saved'.
- A student told us about a vision of seeing a heart. Veins were running into it, and God was filling the veins with Gold. Another student had a vision of the speaker, up front at camp. As he was preaching, he began to glow, and then the glow started to spread to everyone in the crowd throughout the message.
- A youth leader was walking in the altar area towards a young man he wanted to pray for. The speaker got his attention and directed his attention towards a group of girls that still needed someone to pray with them. Though he normally didn't pray with girls he didn't know, he did it for the speaker. One of the girls confessed to struggling with issues of lesbianism, and she prayed to receive Jesus as her Lord and Savior.
- A youth pastor testified about bringing a group of students from a different church across town. He had done this two years ago, but it didn't go well, and the students left early. This year, this group was enjoying themselves and getting thoroughly involved in the services and altar times.
- A dorm leader didn't know any of her girls coming to camp, they were from a different church. At night, they hadn't been opening up, but last night, a girl suddenly broke the silence and said she had been filled with the Holy Spirit and she was speaking in tongues.
- A dorm leader told us about a student that had been reading through the Bible on the first day looking for a name for his band. He had gotten through the first few chapters in Genesis, and that's where our speaker spoke from last night. The students went up for prayer and they confessed about feeling God's presence and crying, which they hadn't done since they were eight years old.
- One dorm leader came back to his room late from the popstand, and 2 of his boys were missing. He reported that they had snuck out to the camp director, who informed him that he would lose points, but go back to his room and let the security take care of it. When he got back, two more students were gone. He asked the one student remaining what had happened, and he said he didn't know because he'd been on his bunk with his eyes closed. This dorm leader got a little frustrated, though he didn't say or do anything he'd regret. He was grateful because he quickly discovered that they were playing a joke on him; they had never left. They were hiding under his bed and videotaping the whole incident.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday night - Youth Camp 1

More pics from Tuesday at Youth Camp 1:

Students praying together with our people from their schools

Bruce Riddle and AIM students, going to Ireland

Enjoying Brunch

Warball during rec time

Our 'new' climbing wall in the rec center

Teams posing for pictures on the playing field

REAL LOVE performed their Fine Arts winning entry for songwriting

Tuesday - Youth Camp 1 - Testimonies

Here's a sampling of our testimonies from Staff Meeting earlier today:

- A leader interacted with a student that was in his dorm last year. He said that he'd never experienced anything like the presence of God in service last night. He was filled with the Holy Spirit.
- One leader had two students that had just started coming back to their youth group two months ago. They were first time campers and they also testified about how awesome God's presence was in the service.
- A youth pastor mentioned how our speaker was their guest speaker at church last Sunday morning. He had spoke about bridging the gap between the old and the young in church. Many of those students said how excited they were to get more involved in the life of their church when they get home from camp.
- One dorm leader has his cousin in his dorm. They were talking about convictions in dinner last night, and then our speaker had that as the main point of his message. It was a major confirmation that God was moving in his life.
- One dorm room stayed up late talking about the service. They started talking about their own areas of compromise, lust and drugs. Those same students eventually talked about how their fathers struggled with those areas, and the whole room started realizing how the sins of the dad were pass on to their sons.
- One dorm leader mentioned how he went to pray with a new Christian and was so touched by his honesty and sincerity before God.
- A female dorm leader said she was scared at first by the diversity of her girls, but then at night, they were all getting along as if they'd been friends forever, doing each other's hair and talking late at night.
- The speaker had talked about his own issue with secular music as a student. Later on, a student told her dorm leader that God convicted her and she made a committment to destroy all of her secular music when she gets home.
- Another dorm leader mentioned that he had 2 different churches of students in his room, but they were building friendships and bonding without any problems.
- A lady dorm leader mentioned that with her three students, one was very resistant at first to God. But as the service went on, and they spent time reflecting on it at night, she began to open up more and seem more interested in what they were saying and doing.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday Night - Youth Camp 1

We had a great first day of Youth Camp 1:

This was our last camp photo shot after orientation service
We asked the students to be crazy

Arjay Johnson started us off with a crazy game
See who could blow up a plastic glove with their nose

Michael King led us with BreatheDeep in worship

The popstand is always a big hit the first night.

We started off camp with the Senior Wall.
All the graduates leave their mark at the Camp