Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday - Where is that in NE?

Sumo-Wrestling at Western Youth Convention 2010. Eastern Youth Convention is 1 WEEK FROM TODAY. Check it out here.

1). Song of the Day: Glory - Jeff Deyo (sang last night at the NCU Partners in Progress Banquet)

2). Blog Entry: Congratulations to Chelserific for being the correct comment chosen at random as our winner from Tuesday's Trivia. She is now up to $12 in prize earnings - way to go! Thank you to everyone who participated.
Trivia for today - We did a 7 project recently in a school in south central Nebraska. I mentioned it in yesterday's blog entry. Can you name the school?

3). Ministry of the Day: Consuming Fire Ministries - the website and ministry launching point for our speaker at Eastern Youth Convention next week, Tony Cruz.

4). Link of the Day: One Page - a website that will help you write that book or journal you've always wanted to.

5). Quote of the Day: 'It's hard to be generous when you consume everything that you have.' - Terry Brown (birthday boy from yesterday)

6). Miscellaneous: Today is National Internet Day, and also World Psoriasis Day. Make sure to use the internet for Godly purposes, and pray for those in your life who might have psoriasis today!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday - Testimonies

Jay and Brian missed Bruce at Western Youth Convention 2010. Our Eastern Youth Convention is only 8 days away. Check it out here!

1). Song of the Day: ♫ Want to be free? ♫

2). Blog Entry:

- Two days we hosted a 7 Project with Friend Christian Assembly church. We did two school assemblies at Exeter-Milligan High School, and then we did a rally at night as well. Jay Warriner, Brian and Julie Korell, Shane Moore, Albert Lautenschlager, and Nathan and Charitie Sandoz joined me on the team. We used some of the new inflatables from NYM rentals - bungee run, bouncy boxing, joust, sumo suits. During the Jr. High Assembly I connected with a kid named Brock. Only a 7th grader, he was probably 6 ft. and he participated in our dance off competition. In the high school assembly, Jay connected with a kid named Wyatt. He showed up at night and won the lookalike contest for Napolean Dynamite. I prayed with both of those students to receive Jesus as their Savior at the altar in the night rally! Contact Brian Korell if you want to talk about having the 7 Project come to your area

3). Ministry of the Day: NYM Rentals - We partner with those awesome business. They rent our inflatables at a great price, and then donate half of their profits to our ministry! Check them out.

4). Link of the Day: Small Group Leaders - Here's some resources and ideas to inspire you forward in new things

5). Quote of the Day: 'God knows what language to use to get your attention' (Tim Delina, District Council '10 speaker)

6). Miscellaneous: Today is Terry Brown's Birthday (staff pastor at Christ's Place in Lincoln and our District's Secretary/Treasurer). It's also the first day of Board of Regent Meetings at North Central University. And, happily, it's also National Chocolate's Day. Maybe someone needs to give Terry some Chocolates from Minneapolis today???

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday - Leader's Corner

Worship at Western Youth Convention. Our Eastern Youth Convention is only a couple of weeks away. Check it out here!

1). Song of the Day: ♫ Judah - Dietirick Haddon ♫

2). Blog Entry: Networking is a very popular leader concept in today's culture. Here are ten good networking questions to ask for close contacts:
- How did you get started in your business?
- What do you enjoy most about your profession?
- What separates you from the competition?
- What advice would you give someone just starting out in your business?
- What 1 thing would you do if you knew you could not fail?
- What significant changes have taken place in your profession through the years?
- What do you see as the coming trends in your business
- Describe the funniest incident you've experienced in your business?
- What promoting ways have you found to be the most effective?
- What one sentence would you like people to use in describing you?

3). Ministry of the Day: Platte Valley YFC - A ministry partner in the south central part of Nebraska.

4). Link of the Day: Introverts - How to work with them and understand them better

5). Miscellaneous: Today is National Cranky Co-Workers Day. If you have an unhappy person in the office, do something to make them smile. Also, we are having a special dinner for NE students up at NCU.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday - Bible Trivia

The Youth Committee members at Western Youth Convention. Eastern Youth Convention is less than two weeks away. Check it out here

1). Song of the Day: ♫ The Story of your Life ♫

2). Blog Entry: Unfortunately, we don't have a winner from Friday's Trivia. We'll let the question carry over into tomorrow.
We are performing 7 Projects in Exeter-Milligan today. Can you name any stories in the Bible that use the number '7'?

3). Ministry of the Day: 7 Project - Our AG School Assembly program for the USA

4). Link of the Day: Transitions - A great program that helps churches transition students from high school to young adulthood.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday - Life Lessons

Margot Rea, our speaker for Western Youth Convention. Eastern Youth Convention is only 2 weeks away. Check it out here!

1). Song of the Day: ♫ Lecrae - Background ♫

2). Blog Entry: This past weekend was our Western Youth Convention, in Gering, NE. We had a wonderful time with almost 200 people worshipping God and being challenged to LIVE OUR LIVES OUT LOUD for Jesus.
Traveling to our destination was quite a journey. We planned to be there mid afternoon, but we arrived two hours late because of 2 flat tires on our 7 project trailer. Brian Korell does a great job maintaining our system, and he quickly fixed the flats without a problem. It was somewhat funny because after the first one near Kearney, I had half-heartedly suggested that we get the other tire on the same side changed out as well, just in case. We didn't do that, but sure enough, just outside of Sidney, that tire went flat as well.
There was only 1 original tire left on the trailer after the flats (we had one flat on the Missions Bike Ride last month as well). Brian decided not to play with the unknown, and before we came home, we changed that tire out as well. We made it home without a 'hitch'. Sometimes, it's better to be safe than sorry.

3). Ministry of the Day: Gospel Publishing House - a wide selection of Christian resources, highlighting specific material to help with Veteran's Day Celebrations

4). Link of the Day: HomeAway - Find actual homes to stay in when traveling, and rent out your home when gone as well.

5). Miscellaneous: Today is Terry Allen's Birthday (the DYD of Tennessee). He was our STL tour speaker 4 years ago for the Western part of our state. Also, here's where you can find Darren Necker (worship leader from Western Youth Convention) and Margot Rea (our speaker from the convention)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Western Youth Convention Begins TODAY! Margot Rea will be speaking, Darren Necker is leading his worship band THE MISFITS. VUVUZELA's everywhere

1). Song of the Day: ♫ The Golden State - Abandon Kansas ♫

2). Blog Entry: Unfortunately, we don't have any winner from Tuesday's Trivia. That question will carry over to next week.
Yesterday, a number of brave loyal soldiers came with me to Gering for our Western Youth Convention. Along the way, they passed a fabulous museum dedicated to our exploration of the skies. Can you name what city the Sac Museum is closest to?

3). Ministry of the Day: Holy Grounds - Last night, Kevin was looking at this website and said, 'I found this cool website' - It's the youth ministry at Omaha Southside

4). Link of the Day: Encounter Online Journal - An educational journal from our Theological teachers in Springfield, Missouri

5). Miscellaneous: Today is National CAPS LOCK Day, so have fun with that one. We are at our Western Convention through the weekend, so pray for us and come out and join us if you can!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday - Testimonies

Worship at Youth Convention '09. Western Youth Convention is tomorrow! Find info to register here

1). Song of the Day: ♫ Between the Trees - You give me Hope ♫

2). Blog Entry:
- Cory, youth pastor in Bellevue, told about how they kicked off their new small groups at the beginning of this school year. They tried something different this time: they challenged 8 of their high school student leaders to give up their service once a month, and go to the Jr. High group and be a leader. They accepted the call and now their are 8 new high school leaders for the jr. high group.
- At our sectional pastors meeting two weeks ago, one of the local pastors told Brian, our youth alive director, that he felt a strong sense from God that the football team would be reached with our upcoming 7 Project School Assemblies near Friend, NE. The next week, Brian went down on a Wednesday night to help prepare the students for the big event. One student came up to him and said that he felt God was challenging him to be a better witness so he had set a goal to bring his football team to the night rally!

3). Ministry of the Day: SALT - a conference between semesters for college students in the north central region

4). Link of the Day: Pray for Hope - a day in December to pray for hope in missions

5). Miscellaneous: Today is National Get to know your Customers Day and Stuttering Awareness Day. Is it also a bunch of important birthdays: Tim Moen (DYD of Southern New England - MA, RI, CT), Kim Anderson (pastors wife in Hastings)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The boxing ring at Youth Convention '09. Check out our Western Convention 2010 details, only 2 days away!

1). Song of the Day: ♫ God Holds My World ♫

2). Blog Entry: One of they keys for developing student leaders is to implement an atmosphere of trust in our youth ministries. Here's some tips on how to make that happen, from Mary Glenn, the national campus clubs coordinator:
- be nonjudgemental and genuine
- show empathy and err of the side of grace
- show love and be a friend
- share from your own life experiences
- care enough to confront
- lead them to resources that will help them grow

3). Ministry of the Day: Campus Clubs - student led groups that meet once a week on campus for relationship, outreach, and support.

4). Link of the Day: Know!app - Track and share status of just about anything. Know! simplifies the time-consuming task of relaying the state of projects by consolidating information into easy-to-follow dashboards.

5). Miscellaneous: Today is National Medical Assistants Recognition. It is also Pat Volquartsen's Birthday as well (youth leader in Blair)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday - Bible Trivia

Worship at Youth Convention '09. Only 3 Days until Western Youth Convention in Gering

1). Song of the Day: ♫ Dynamite Walls - Stay Awake ♫

2). Blog Entry: Congratulations to ARG for being the correct comment chosen at random as our winner from Friday's Trivia. The Great Platte River Road Arch Monument is near Kearney, just East of it off the Interstate. ARG is now up to $2 in prize earnings, way to go!

I've been at the camp for meetings with our Nebraska Presbyters the last two days. We went in front of the Tabernacle to pray, and the trains kept coming by right when someone would try to speak up and lead us in prayer. Can you name a passage in the Bible where someone trying to speak was drowned out by a loud noise (like a VUVUZELA)?

3). Ministry of the Day: Single Parents - Resources for these important people in your church and community

4). Link of the Day: RestWise - monitor your rest to have more energy and supreme health

5). Miscellaneous: Today is EVALUATE YOUR LIFE day, and there are some great parallels to being a good witness in that question. Also, it's Ed Shearer's Birthday (DYD of Northern New England, which includes Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire).

Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday - Life Lessons

Tearing Down the Walls at Youth Convention '09. Our Western NE Youth Convention is only 4 days away. Check it out here

1). Song of the Day: ♫ Jpt - Deeper Than ♫

2). Blog Entry: Yesterday, I had the privilege of going to Denver, CO and seeing a Broncos football game live at Invesco Field. My wife bought me two tickets to the game against the Jets (which wound up being a big disappointment on a tough pass interference call late in the game). I took my brother Corey and we drove most of the day to get back and forth from the game. Though a long drive across barren lands doesn't excite many people, it was a great time to catch up with my brother and see what's going on in his life. Though we live in the same city, we don't hang out as much as we should and it was good to reconnect. Though I enjoyed finally seeing my favorite team in action live, I much more enjoyed hanging out with my one and only brother.

Make a point to hang out with your family more often this week.

3). Ministry of the Day: Chi Alpha - Check out this page which helps you locate the Chi Alpha groups around the nation

4). Link of the Day: Coffee and Doughnuts? - A scientific study on how a cup of coffee and a doughnut everyday can actually increase your memory!

5). Misc: Today is National Chocolate Cupcake Day. It is also the first day of presbyter meetings and credential interviews at our AG Campgrounds in Nebraska. Our Western Youth Convention is only 4 days away!

Friday, October 15, 2010


Remember, today is the 1 EXTENDED DAY of the early registration for convention. Let me know if you want in! Check out our convention details here

1). Song of the Day: Great song by Philmont -♫ You Will Remain ♫

2). Blog Entry: Congratulations to CHELSERIFIC for being the correct comment chosen at random as our winner from Tuesday's Trivia. She is now up to $10 in prize earnings (which can go towards expenses at Youth Convention) way to go!

Today's trivia - Nebraska has many roadside destinations. Can you tell me which city our Great River Platte Road Monument is closest to?

A. Grand Island
B. Lincoln
C. North Platte
D. Lincoln
E. Kearney

3). Ministry of the Day: Character Connex - Our school assembly program for Elementary Schools. Contact Scott Murrish if interested

4). Link of the Day: Partnership International - Jacob Jester, our Youth Camp 1 speaker from two years ago, recommends this Missions Organization for overseas missions trips.

5). Quote of the Day: 'God was more impressed with David's daily battles with Saul, than David's momentary battle with Goliath' - Tim Delina (our speaker from NE District Council this year)

6). Misc: Today is National Bosses Day, and also National Grouch Day (not to be confused with each other), Tyson Shea's Bday (former MC student of mine in 98-99), and the first day of our Ladies Retreat at The Crossing Campgrounds in Lexington. Finally, Omaha Glad Tidings is hosting the Eurasia Experience at their church this weekend, opening performance tomorrow night at 6:30pm

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday - Testimonies

Our early registration deadline for youth convention expired this past weekend, but tomorrow, FOR ONE DAY ONLY, we we extend the early registration fee to all those who email me ( or message me on facebook that they still want to come. Otherwise, it's the regular fee for everyone after that. Let me know!

1). Song of the Day: ♫ Say what you believe ♫

2). Blog Entry:
- Missionary Jim Byh recently told the story of Crepin, a boy in West Africa. He received a book of Hope, and read that God gave us authority to trample on serpents (Luke 10:19) The next day, he was bit by a Mamba snake, one of the most deadly snakes in the world. He remembered the verse, claimed God's promise, shook the snake off and killed it, and never felt any pain at all.
- Recently, Light for the Lost helped purchase 300 Books of Hope for our Youth Alive department, to be distributed with upcoming 7 Projects.
- Faith Tyson, children's pastor in Grand Island, was encouraging her students to raise BGMC funds for a specific project, to provide children with backpacks through a missions work in China. The missionary called her up to thank her and wasn't even aware that his project was listed on the national page. It was a huge blessing for him, exactly what they needed.

3). Ministry of the Day: SAGU - Southwestern Assemblies of God University has a dynamic distance ed program.

4). Link of the Day: When it Drops - A list of release dates for certain movies, cd's, etc.

5). Quote of the Day: "You have to accept that maybe the way everything has been done before is not always the best way" (Fred N. Davis III, famous Republican Adman)

6) Misc - Today is Scott Townsend's bday (youth professor at Trinity Bible College), as well as National Be Bald and Be Free Day, and World Sight Day. Finally, there is a youth pastor luncheon in the Omaha area, if you're nearby.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday - Leader's Corner

Enjoying our Light Show at Youth Convention 2009. Check out our Youth Convention 2010 info here

1). Song of the Day: ♫ One in a Million - Chasen ♫

2). Blog Entry: Dress Codes in Church

It's amazing how things have changed in regard to appropiate clothing for church leaders on the job. As a Master's Commission student in 1995, we wore dress pants and ties to church almost every day, except casual Friday's. As a pastor on staff in 2003, we wore nice casual outfits like khakis and a collared shirt. Now, as I go to meet with pastors, most are wearing jeans and tennis shoes or sandals. None of these are particularly right or wrong per say; it's mostly a matter of connecting with the people in your area, and clothes do help with that connection.

That being said, sometimes we take it too far. Sometimes we dress however we feel the most comfortable, with no regard for those we are trying to connect with and lead. Sometimes, we might place too much emphasis on the dress code, as if that is the only thing that 'opens the door' to outsiders and visitors.

Once I visited a church that was very casual. I remember another visitor that day, an older gentleman in a very fancy suit. After the initial song and announcements, we were released for a few minutes to go and mingle with others, and I saw him slip out unnoticed, possibly feeling out of place. I remember being in Minneapolis for board of regents meetings at NCU. I would go to a downtown Caribou Coffee before heading to the college. Though I would be dressed in a nice casual outfit, everyone around me was in elegant dresses and suits, apparently working in the high office buildings in the area. I felt very out of place as well.

But just because our style of dress wasn't similar doesn't mean we were truly 'out of place'. Driving by a middle school the other day, I noticed a teacher monitoring the students exit from the school. Students were high fiving him and talking with him like they admired him, yet he was wearing dress pants and a tie. Though none of the students were wearing that too, they didn't seem to mind. When I was a worship pastor, there were certain Sunday's when I would ask the team to wear different styles of clothing - certain people would have jeans and tennis shoes, others with nice casual outfits, others dressed up. My team enjoyed those moments and realized that we had shown on stage what was in our congregation, a complete picture of many different people with many different clothing preferences.

In short, our choice of clothing has value in our leadership. When we make it a main issue, we can polarize those in our groups who prefer different styles. When we are balanced, we can probably make the most amount of people comfortable in our settings. When we only think of our own preferences, that attitude can work it's way into other areas of our leadership as well, and we may find ourselves on the outside looking in with the groups that we are trying to lead.

3). Ministry of the Day: STL Stories

Check out some of the best testimonies of students raising money to support missionaries through Speed the Light! Also, stories of how the money was utilized on the mission fields.

4). Link of the Day: What would they say?

Ten things non Christians would tell us if we asked for honest input.

5) Miscellaneous: Today is National take your teddy bear to work day. If that doesn't excite, you can also celebrate that birthday of the Navy. Finally, it is also Nate Krizek's Bday (youth pastor in Kearney and member of our NE Youth Committee)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday - Bible Trivia

Convention Altar Call 2009. Check out the Youth Convention Information for 2010

1). Song of the Day: ♫ Flyleaf - Arise ♫

2). Blog Entry: Congratulations to KEVIN LIBBY for being the correct comment chosen at random as our winner from Friday's Trivia. He is now up to $22 in prize earnings - way to go!

Trivia of the day - Last night, I 'won' a great game of Scattergories with Brian and Julie Korell, Jay and Emily Warriner, and Shane and Tiffany Moore, as well as my wife Kim. Previously, won is in parentheses because I might have cheated once or twice. Can you state a passage in the Bible where someone cheated?

3). Ministry of the Day: Highlands Maternity Services

Know a pregnant single mom, maybe a young teenager in need of help. Our National Office has a home that provides shelter and support to young mothers, to protect them and their babies. Check it out.

4). Link of the Day: Page 99 Test

It's a popular notion that you can decide if you will like a book or not by simply reading page 99. This website lets you read the page 99 of most books, to decide if you want to make a purchase or not.

5). Miscellaneous: Today is National Free Thought Day and National Face your Fears Day. It is also Stephen Striker's Birthday (former youth leader of Dalton).

Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday - Life Lessons

The Current, leading worship at our Eastern Convention in 2009. Check out our Eastern Convention 2010 event page here

1). Song of the Day:Favorite song from yesterday's worship -♫ At the Cross ♫

2). Blog Entry: This past weekend, my family and I had the chance to go to what I believe is the best pumpkin patch in the Midwest, Vala's Pumpkin Patch. It's a family tradition. But, we happened to pick the one Saturday in a holiday weekend, no Husker game, and almost 80 degrees outside. We waited in our car in the line for about an hour, just to get in! Everyone was a little frustrated and tired, but it was a great day still.
Three different times I ran into some old friends from when Kim and I were back in Bellevue. First, we encountered Mo and Becca Lowry. They had been the first family to open up their home for my junior high small group to meet in. He also housed many Master's Commission students over the years. Next, we saw Dave and Amy Roberts. Dave had been a great friend right before I joined Master's Commission, and he had joined me on a double date with Kim and one of her friends for our first official date. Last, we saw Lee and Carrie Weaver, a great couple that had both been Master's Commission students with me and I had the privilege of performing their marriage just a few years ago.
Waiting in line wasn't so bad after all. Who knows, maybe if we hadn't had waited in line so long I wouldn't have to ran into my old friends. Sometimes, the line is worth the wait.

3). Ministry of the Day: Single Parents

Know any heroes like this? Check out this website with plenty of resources to help them out!

4). Link of the Day: 37 Signals

A website to get online comments from a working group of people.

5). Miscellaneous: Today is Columbus Day, the day we celebrate when the first known European discovered America. It's also National 'Kick Butt' Day (and I'm assuming the two must be connected somehow). Some other reasons to celebrate - it's National Native American Day. We have plenty of native people in Nebraska so make sure to appreciate those around you today. And finally, it's also Simchat Torah Day, a day that our Jewish friends celebrate that annual daily readings of the Torah.

Friday, October 8, 2010


(In honor of his bday) Jay Warriner throwing a ball to the dunk tank at our Western Youth Convention 2009. TOMORROW IS THE EARLY DEADLINE FOR 2010. Check out the registration form here

1). Song of the Day: ♫ Portraits - FOR TODAY ♫

2. Blog Entry:

Unfortunately, we don't have a winner from Tuesday's Trivia, so the question will carry over again to next week.

Today's Trivia - Last week at National Youth Workers Convention in Dallas, Jay Mooney preached a message that had many entries from the Word of God concerning Jesus calling his disciples. Can you name a Scripture reference from any of those moments?

3). Ministry of the Day: Small Groups

A list of resources provided by our National Office in Springfield, MO

4). Link of the Day: Zooloo

A website that can launch your blog and help you update all of your social networks in one place.

5) Misc: Today is Jay Warriner's Bday (youth pastor at ALCC in GI) and Rich Curtis's Bday as well (youth leader at Omaha Pacific Springs). It's also National Lee Denim Day so go find a new pair of jeans in celebration.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursday - Testimonies

Youth Convention in Bellevue 2009. Check out our Western Youth Convention event details here

1). Song of the Day: ♫ Something Glorious ♫

2). Blog Entry:

- A youth leader called me last week to testify. A student who had walked by the teens at the SeeYouAtThePole had come to visit the youth group, and he gave his life to God.
- One of our children's pastors is at a church that didn't have a pastor for awhile. Recently, they just hired a new pastor and she told me that he started some small groups. Their numbers have been growing steadily and most of the women that showed up this last week were new people.
- Last week, I had the chance to golf in a STL tournament. At the celebration banquet, I picked up a new STL project for our NE students, a $23,000 vehicle for Project Rescue, a ministry in India which works to rescue girls involved in sex trafficking off of the streets.

3). Ministry of the Day: Faith Case

A great Children's Ministry Curriculum involving spy gear and mysteries.

4). Link of the Day: Clicker

Watch TV online for free. October is also Caffeine Addiction Recovery Month. Maybe pick a day or a week to stay away from the coffee and soda.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday - Leader's Corner

Worship Art at Convention 2009. Check out our Youth Convention Details for 2010 here.

1). Song of the Day: ♫ Brandon Heath - Your Love ♫

2). Blog Entry:

My son Ryan had a chance recently to preach a message. Granted, it was only with his family and at home, but it was still his first chance. He quickly ran downstairs and put together his materials. In a few minutes he came up, ready to go. He preached a message with an illustration. Surprising me, he pulled out these small packages and gave each us a gift. We opened it up and on the inside was a rock. He used it as an illustration to bring his point home.

He's only an 11 year old, hasn't be formally trained in any way on speaking to people, he's just seen me do it a few hundred times. The first time he has a chance, and he immediately realized he needed to have an illustration to help communicate his message. It was a good sign of two things - how important it is to set a good example, and how important it is to communicate through many different mediums to this culture rich in exposure to messages communicated very well through other means like visual aids, tactile methods, kinesthetic tools, and more.

3). Ministry of the Day: Weekly Poll. Our main webpage has a poll that is updated almost every week with a different question for Nebraska leaders and students to sign in on.

4). Link of the Day: Barista Exchange. A website where you can look for the best local coffee in a certain area. It National Mad Hatters Day, so reason to celebrate if you're an Alice in Wonderland fan. It's also Balloons around the World Day, so get some balloons out there and have some fun.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday - Bible Trivia

Cory Demmel, leading convention service in Gering, 2009. Check out our Western Convention 2010 info here.

1). Song of the Day: ♫ Shine - David Crowder ♫

2). Blog Entry:

Unfortunately, we don't have a winner from Friday's Trivia, so the question will carry over to this next Friday. Make sure to chime in and win some money for prizes and gear at our upcoming youth conventions.

How many of Jesus' disciples were martyred for their faith?

3). Ministry of the Day: STL AWD

All Will Drive, a campaign to make sure that all AG missionaries get the vehicle they so desperately need.

4). Link of the Day: Dan Betty

A website where you can upload car damage photos and get repair estimates based on the images of your photo. Today is World Teacher's Day, so make sure to let any teachers you have know how much you appreciate their work for you.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday - Life Lessons

Todd beating up on Mike at Youth Convention 2009. Check out our Eastern Youth Convention 2010 here

1). Song of the Day: ♫ Oldie but a goodie - Joy in the Lord ♫

2). Blog Entry:

I had a meeting at a coffee shop in town last week. I went a little early to catch up on some work. As I was sitting in my area, a grandmother walked in with a young high school girl dressed up in a cheerleader outfit. They grabbed some drinks and sat near me. I couldn't help but notice the grandmother continue to try and strike up conversation with the girl. She was into her coffee and her cell phone, and didn't respond too much, but the grandmother never gave up. After about 15 minutes, they packed up and left, apparently heading off to school.

Even though the high schooler didn't look like she was too excited to be at a coffee shop with her grandma, I was impressed that the grandmother brought her there in the first place. Then she did her best to continue talking to her, even though she didn't seem interested. What a good parent - trying to meet her child on her level and never giving up. A good lesson for those of us with teenage children. I'm sure the high schooler will appreciate that her grandmother cared enough to try.

3). Ministry of the Day: Transitions

A program to help students move from high school ministries to young adult ministries in churches smoothly.

4) Link of the Day: Job with High Divorce Rates

An informative link with the top 15 jobs with the most divorces. Be careful and guard your marriage! Also, today is Rhonda Cramer's Bday (senior pastors wife from Beatrice) and Yvonne Barker's Bday too (youth leader in Broken Bow). One more Bday, Angela Norman (youth pastor's wife at Omaha Glad Tidings). Today is National Improve your Office Day and '10-4' Day too.

Friday, October 1, 2010


In the seats at Youth Convention 2009. Check out our Eastern Youth Convention 2010 Here

1). Song of the day:Great song from last night -♫ Let the Worshippers Arise ♫

2). Blog Entry:

Congratulations to KEVIN LIBBY for being the correct comment chosen at random as our winner from Tuesday's Trivia. He is now up to $20 in prize earnings - way to go!

Last night, Jay Mooney preached a message that had many entries from the Word of God concerning Jesus calling his disciples. Can you name a Scripture reference from any of those moments?

3). Ministry of the Day: Momentum Library

A wonderful stop for resources on being a sharp leader from our National Office

4). Link of the Day: Fat Wallet

A search engine for online coupons. Today is the 2nd Day of National Youth Workers Conference and I'm leading a breakout session on Middle School Ministry at 10:30am (prayers are welcome!) Have a great weekend