Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ireland'12 AIM Update: Day 5

After so little sleep last night (3.5 to 4 hrs.), today came early, and today we trained.  We started the day with morning devotions.  Pastor Brian Somerville, Lead Pastor of Cornerstone City Church here in Derry challenged us with this thought from Mother Theresa: "We can do no great things, only small things with great love."  Here are some other key points:
  • We need to be motivated and fueled by love
  • Love is not an emotion.  You have to chose to love.  Love is a choice.  Choose it verses criticism.
  • Love is an activity/action
  • Love has the loudest voice, amongst a sea of negativity
  • We Heart Derry because God Hearts Derry
* HIGH PRIORITY PRAYER REQUEST: Two critical pieces of the playground equipment we're to build next week are stuck in Poland.  There is a significant risk that they won't arrive in time for us to complete that project.  Please pray for miraculous intervention in getting them here as quickly as possible.

After devotions, we talked about our schedule for the week, Kids Week, On Street Prayer, the playground project, a football (soccer) tournament we're hosting (must come to church to collect the prize!), and One City Prayer, where we'll span the entire Peace Bridge, 771 feet, hand-in-hand, reaching both sides of this politically and religiously divided city and pray for Derry.  Bruce closed our training time by asking us what the Lord requires of us.  The answer: EVERYTHING!  And, God's got more for you than he wants from you!

After training, we went flyering and then had supper at the Food Court in the Mall.  This evening we met nine people from Alabama that joined us today.  We had a great time meeting and interacting with them with some fun team building activities this evening.

Tomorrow, we'll do morning prayer and worship, church, a street party, flyering and an evening service.  Here are some photo highlights from today:

Friday, June 29, 2012

Ireland'12 AIM Update: Day 4

Update #1: We have arrived in Dublin, Ireland! Praise the Lord!

Update #2: We arrived in Derry a couple of hours ago! All is well!

Update #3: This will be nearly as brief as the previous updates for today, due to the time.  We arrived in Derry this afternoon around 2pm, dropped our bags off at the "Halls of Residence", did a quick meet-and-greet with some of the local church leaders and immediately hit the streets flyering/promoting/inviting people to attend Kids Week next week.  We took about a two hour dinner break at the Food Court in the Mall, then came back to the Halls to rest for about an hour before heading back out as Street Pastors - a very outward focused ministry of Cornerstone City Church where we literally shared Christ, a cup of tea, a cup of coffee or a cup of soup with hundreds of intoxicated bar patrons as the bars closed.  We went out at about 11pm, met together for a time of worship and intercessory prayer, then hit the streets at about midnight.  It's about 3:30am now and we've just gotten back to the Halls.  In five short hours, we'll be at it again!  Nothing like hitting the ground running!  Please pray that tonight our team is able to sleep well and get some much needed rest!  Here are a few photo highlights from our "day":

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ireland'12 AIM Update: Day 3

Update #1: We have arrived in Kansas City!  All is well!

Update #2: We made it to Chicago! Our next flight has been delayed two hours, but other than that all is well!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ireland'12 AIM Update: Day 2

We have been busy today!  We started it right with an hour of prayer and devotions.  Bruce challenged us to "play hard and pray hard."  We have to have a balance in order to make it work.  We can't give it all we have when we play and sluff off and passively participate in prayer.  We've got to be just as passionate, just as present and just as participatory.

After morning devos, we had a little breakfast and learned what ministry teams we'd be assigned to, what a "typical" day might look like, and what our roles at Kid's Week will be.  We got to Skype with Pastor Brian Somerville in Derry who challenged us to rest up as we'll hit the ground running...literally!  Upon our arrival in Dublin, we'll be bussed three+ hours to Derry, drop our stuff off at our dorms, and hit the streets flyering - going door-to-door inviting kids to Kids Week, a vacation Bible school type outreach event we'll be doing next week.  Later Friday night, we'll be hitting the streets as the bars close ministering to people as "Street Pastors" - it will be a LATE night!  We spent our afternoon learning a choreographed dance that we'll use countless times in Ireland to engage people in neighborhoods and on the streets.  We also got a great lesson in making balloon animals!

Tonight, we had the amazing opportunity to attend Rock Solid/The Edge youth ministry at Christ's Place.  Josh Mayo, youth and young adult pastor extraordinaire, was the guest speaker.  He delivered an amazing challenge to get alone with God, allow Him to mark us, to make us different, to change us, prevail over our past and embrace what He has called us to be and do in the future.

We had some additional time of prayer this evening, where the focus was less on asking God for more, and more on digesting all that He has said and done for us this week already.  We began the process of packing and cleaning up before heading to bed.  Tomorrow's a big travel day.  There won't be a lot in the form of updates, but I'll try to post a quick note here and there to let you all know our progress.  By the way, I'm Pastor Tim Lillard, youth and family pastor in Norfolk and I'll be your "host" for the duration of this journey.  Thanks so much for your continued prayers.  Here are a few photo highlights from our day:

Here's some more testimonies from Nebraska Kids Camp:

- A Dorm Leader mentioned that his most difficult child had turned a corner, taking it upon himself when the rest of the group was kind of goofing off in the seats, to go forward for prayer and worship.
- A boy came to camp with a bad sunburn. The dorm was at the altar praying for him. When he arrived at his seats he was overjoyed because his blisters were gone and God had healed him.
- A little girl lost her mom to cancer last year. They gave her the mother's necklace to keep. While in recreation, she lost it and was very concerned about it. They looked all over for it but couldn't find it. They prayed and asked God for help. The next day as they were going to their Fun Arts group in the gym, one of the other girls in the cabin found it to the delight of the camper.
- A particular room of girls was touched by the Holy Spirit in the altar. One of the students that was pretty new to the Assemblies of God asked why it was so important. This opened up a great discussion with the girls about praying for others and interceding for people to be saved.
- 2 boys in one cabin were both baptized in the Holy Spirit. One was touched by God and crying and couldn't stop.
- It was one of the hottest days in the past 8 years at Kids Camp. The thermostat was at 107 degrees, though it was hotter in certain situations. We took great pains to ask students to drink plenty of water and protect themselves. Though very hot, we had no injuries or heat related issues with our nurses at all.
- A young boy came to camp after coming last year. When he was here before, his dad had passed away, so he was scared about what may happen coming this year. But after he arrived, his dorm leader noted how all of the other boys in the room just adored him and he was the most popular one. Though worried, he's wound up having one of the best weeks ever, feeling so special and loved, though all of the other boys had no idea about his past experience.
- A young girl was homesick in her cabin last night. The dorm leader was reading to them out of Esther and our camp director (Jen) was in their ministering to the girl. In the middle of the story, she told the girl that she was a princess. The girl looked to her and asked if she really meant it, which she affirmed. The girls entire countenance changed, she went to sleep right away, and woke up like a new person.
- A funny story. Some of the boys from a particular church had gotten in the habit of finding a quiet 'prayer' spot where they could curl up and take a nap. The dorm leader noticed this and encouraged one young boy to get up and go forward to have a moment with Jesus. The boy looked at him, tried to curl next to him, and asked, 'Can I just pretend that you're Jesus?'
- Several dorm leaders reported on their nightly reports that many students have been filled with the Spirit, and even more were still giving their lives to God as well.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ireland'12 AIM Update: Day 1

Thirty-eight of Nebraska's finest students and leaders have gathered at Christ's Place in Lincoln and are preparing to embark on the journey of a lifetime.  For some, this may the first time away from home, the first airplane trip, or the first time leaving the country.  Still, the roller coaster began its slow trek up the big hill today, clicking along inch by inch...there's no getting off this ride now!  Welcome to Nebraska AIM 2012.

In the last two years, nearly 100 students and leaders have traveled to Derry, Northern Ireland, planted and watered an amazing crop of Jesus' love in a city that has been religiously and politically divided for hundreds of years.  This year, we're going back!  In a day and a half, we leave. But now, we train.

Today, we said goodbye to our families, hugged and kissed our parents, siblings, spouse and kids.  For many, this is the most difficult part of the trip.  After a brief orientation and sharing some testimonies of how God provided for each of us to be here, we made a last minute Walmart run to grab anything we may have missed in packing.  Then, it was off to Pioneers Park for some team building and a BBQ.

This evening, we had an amazing time of prayer and devotion.  Javin Troyer, Youth Ministry Intern at Christ's Place, challenged us to "Surrender all to answer the call."  He reminded us that God has a specific plan for each of us, for this moment, right now, for this trip, but that it can only be accomplished if we surrender all to Him.  Bruce added that before we get to the "do", we have to connect to the "Who".  We had an awesome time of prayer for individuals who may be struggling physically with feeling anxious, feeling twinges of panic, queasiness, feeling lightheaded, or overwhelmed, feeling alone, etc.  We closed by linking arms and physically experiencing the unity we now have as a team.

Tomorrow, we'll begin our ministry prep.  Please pray for us.  Specifically, please pray for the following:
  • For our missionaries, pastors and leaders at Cornerstone City Church in Derry, who are prepping for a massive outreach - “I Heart Derry” - in their city.
  • For the kids of Derry, especially those who will attend “Kids Week” July 4-6, perhaps hearing about Jesus for the very first time.
  • For the church volunteers in Derry, many of whom will take two weeks of vacation time to volunteer for “I Heart Derry” and “Kids Week” to reach their city for Christ.
  • For the spiritual battles that are being fought, even now, over the hearts and lives of the people of Derry.
  • Pray against any health issues, fears, anxieties, etc., that our team members may struggle with in the days and weeks ahead.  There are a lot of fears that can creep in and steal our focus, from traveling and being away from home for the first time, to not knowing exactly what's coming up next. Pray that God would stretch us and that we would remain flexible.
  • Pray for team unity.  14 days is a long time to live, breathe and eat with 40 other people. Pray that we remain unified in spirit.
Thank you for your prayers!  Here are a couple of picture highlights from our day!

Here's some testimonies from the first night of NE Kids Camp:

- A dorm leader told of how he has two students in his dorm from different churches that both have ADHD and are on medication. He said that they've become quick friends, relating to each other in a way that the other students haven't.
- A dorm leader told of how 5 of her students gave their lives to God for the first time.
- Another dorm leader who had been here last week talked about how he had gone home from camp and helped lead one of his friends to Christ over the weekend.
- A young girl came forward to receive Christ. Her dorm leader asked if it was the first time, she said no but she didn't mean it with all of her heart the last time, and she wanted to do it 100% this time.
- After lights out, a girls room began to talk quietly about the service. There were three girls very confused by the concept of salvation. They had a great talk about what it means, helping them grasp the  truth.
- A leader was blessed by watching so many students go to pray for others at the altar. He had a young boy come up to him and ask if he could pray over others in tongues. The leader said that was OK
- A dorm group was all at the altar so the leader had them sit on the floor in a circle so they could talk, pray, and see each other. In the middle of their discussion, a student asked, 'Hey, can we play Duck Duck Goose?'
- A dorm leader at the altar saw one of her students still in her seat, seemingly disconnected. She went back to her to help her, finding out that the girl had been in fervent prayer for several situations in her life. She then asked her to accompany her to go and pray for a girl that God put on her heart.
- A dorm leader reported a miracle - once the lights went out all of her girls went to sleep immediately!
- A dorm leader told his secret for helping his kids calm down at lights out. He reads the Bible to them, a long passage, slowly, with the air conditioner on so it's a little cold, helping the students stay in their beds.
- A young girl confessed to her dorm leader that she was homesick. The dorm leader sat with her on her bunk and helped her recite the 23rd Psalm over and over until she felt better and went to sleep without a problem.
- A main leader was at camp last week in a key position. He was also the parent of one of the campers. He told of how he had enjoyed sitting back at the altar and praying for kids, watching what God was doing in his son's life. His son is autistic and usually has a difficult time. But he testified how his son was really touched by God and engulfed in the Holy Spirit throughout the week, and since he got home as well.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Here's some testimonies from Night 3 of NE Middle Camp:

- Several boys fell down in God's presence. When they got up, the told our camp director that they weren't entirely sure what happened but they were totally different
- A dorm group of girls were praying for each other, without their dorm leader, and 3 of them were filled with the Baptism of the Holy Spirit
- A dorm leader was praying for someone to receive the Spirit, and both of them did!
- A young boy heard God tell him to change his plans. He was going to go to Oklahoma State University, but he heard God tell him to go to Trinity Bible College and become a missionary
- A male dorm leader had two boys in his cabin that were filled with the Spirit
- A boy was hit in the face with a putter during our afternoon recreation, and he had a black eye. He carried an ice pack on it, but the nurses prayed for him, and after they did he was re-energized, never complaining about pain again
- A dorm room wasn't entirely prepared for the talent show so they were going to cancel. The boys decided to just quote some popular Bible verses instead. A friend told them that he didn't know all of the verses, so another boy encouraged him just to say 'Watermelon' over and over instead.
- A security member was at the counter in our pop stand. She looked to her side and saw a young boy ordering a smoothie. She recognized him as her nephew, estranged from her because of family complications for the past several years. His family wasn't involved with church when she last heard from them. She asked how he was doing and found out that the family was coming back to the church and reconciling with God.
- A boy laying down in God's presence testified that when his eyes were open it was dark, but when he closed them it was very bright. Then he heard God's voice telling him to be a missionary
- A tough boy had his entire dorm praying for him. Afterward he found his dorm leader, who then led him to Christ.
- Our camp dean felt a strong sense from God to pray for our protection. He sat back and prayed for specific groups at the altar, and then watched as God began to touch them and break down walls. The camp dean's job is one of protection at the camp, and God used him a spiritual protection as well

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Here's some testimonies from NE Middle Camp, Day 1:

- A DL mentioned a student that is very quiet, not real open, but responded to the altars and recommitted their life to Christ.
- A girl admitted to hating her father, but she forgave him, and recommitted her life to Christ. You could tell a physical difference about her in her appearance afterward.
- The lifeguard pitched in to help a group pray with a lot of boys accepting Christ.
- During the time of personal private prayer, a Dorm Leader saw his boys huddled together. he went to split them up, but then found out that they were in fact praying for each other.
 - A camper from last week is a worker this week. She had been praying last week for a friend of her's that had cancer. She called the friend over the weekend and found that the cancer was curable and she would be healed.
- One girl in a room was all by herself from her church. The dorm room came together to pray for her and it bonded them together. All of the girls are from several different churches, so it was great to see them bond as a family.
- Upon a request from the speaker, we found that several people were recommitting their lives to Christ, and about 10 were accepting Jesus into their hearts for the very first time.
- Our evangelist Scott did a great illustration with a chainsaw that several of our students were talking about afterward.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Here's some testimonies from Night 3 of NE Youth Camp 2:

- A young girl who has had bad eyesight has been receiving healing, and she played splash ball and slid  on the water slide into home for the first time ever.
- A girl confessed to a leader that she had been burning herself in depressive states, but she was set free last night.
- A young boy had lost his brother a year ago in a motorcycle accident. The dorm leader found him sitting up in the middle of the night, crying on his bed. Most of the other boys were with him though, comforting him and praying for him.
- Two boys came up with a certain leader from the Omaha area. Throughout the week, they made a connection and kept approaching him during prayer times. Last night they found him and prayed together and they received Jesus in their hearts.
- A student would draw constantly. During worship, we sang a song about 'breaking every chain'. This student had drawn, at the same time, a beautiful picture of people breaking free from prison.
- God showed one of our leaders a vision of the sanctuary surrounded by horses and angels. As we sang and prayed, they began to charge into the middle, doing warfare on our behalf, breaking down strongholds.
- At the end of the service, we shouted out the things that God was speaking to us about ourselves. One girl in the front yelled out, 'I'm not a mistake'. After a leader prayed her, she discovered that God had given her freedom from the shame see suffered after having an abortion.
- A dorm leader was responsible for a room that was full of 3 different groups of students from different churches. They had a hard time opening up with each other, but after lights out they would pass her notes and go deep in their 'discussions'. This went on for several hours with real ministry taking place.
- A dorm leader was in a room that lost air conditioning. To help, they moved to a new building with room and some nice AC, but there wasn't enough space for the DL to stay in the room with the students. He had made it a point to always tell the students he loved them before going to bed, knowing that many of them never hear that from their own parents. He said it again, and began to head to his own room when one by one the students said it back to him, with all their hearts.
Here's some testimonies from Night 2 of Youth Camp 2:

- A leader prayed for a girl that seemed very depressed. She confessed that she constantly had negative thoughts, but God had set her free.
- The Popstand Director, usually not in the altar services because of the need to go and prepare the snack shack, was talking with people at the serving window. A girl that came from his church told him enthusiastically that she had given her life to the Lord that night.
- The worship leader left his mic to go pray for a boy at the altar that God was leading him to. He found out that the boy was praying for his back to be healed, something that the worship leader had also prayed for and received when he was a teen of camp age.
- The camp dean, staying in the back near the main exit doors, kept noticing different dorm leaders leaving the crowd and going after the one or two still lingering in their seats. He applauded them.
- A dorm leader prayed with 2 young men that he met the first day. As he prayed God, gave him a vision of walls in the lives falling down. Then he was in a room with them and it was bright orange, burning on fire for God.
- A first time leader was walking and praying and as he passed by another leader that was praying for a kid, he could feel the hairs on his arm stand up as if in an electric current. He said he'd never felt the presence of God so strong before.
- Several students received physically healing, over 20. Many were leg injuries, sight, ears, etc.
- A leader had a young girl that was dealing with many issues from the night before. During the altar, she yelled her leader's name from across the room, came running to find her, and then told her that she had found freedom and forgave all those who had hurt her in the past.
- A leader was having a hard time because of her father's battle with cancer. While in a secret prayer spot in the sanctuary, someone came to pray for her. She never looked up and noticed who it was, but they prayed exactly what she needed.
- One girl couldn't walk, and even with the aid of crutches was helped in to the sanctuary. God touched her and she walked out on her own power, leaving the crutch at the altar.
- Another girl had showed up with a boot on her foot because of a broken ankle. God miraculously healed the ankle, but the girl was concerned because she had only brought one shoes to fit her other foot figuring she'd have to wear the boot at all times. It gave us a new idea - NYM Flip flops!
- Please pray for our future camps. Next week we have a large gathering of students but still several leadership spots available, especially in the kitchen and as female dorm leaders. Email me if you can help. Thanks

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Here's some testimonies from our First night at NE Youth Camp 2:

- Our feeding program monitor helped sponsor two students from her city come to camp. One of them prayed with a leader at the altar to receive Jesus.
- A young man that prayed a prayer of rededication last night was found waking up early this morning to read his Bible.
- In our morning devotions, a leader had a young boy that confessed he hated being adopted because his dad was in prison and he harbored many dark thoughts. They prayed for him to experience freedom
- Several students in one dorm had too much soda before bed so they were wound up at lights out. They stayed up talking, the talking turned serious, and they ministered and prayed for each other till 2:45am
- One dorm leader spoke of a student that had been moved to her room that was hard to handle. During morning devotions, she opened up and the group was able to pray for her and they noticed a big change in her attitude.
- One whole room was full of 1st time campers. One went up to the altar call and gave his life to Christ. They woke their dorm leader up early to get more prayer time in before devotions this morning.
- Our Youth Alive Missionary spoke last night, Brian Korell. Several quoted him about how you can come to Jesus just as you are and salvation is not so much an event as it is a process.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Here's some testimonies from NE Youth Camp 1, Day 3:

- A leader testified about how his cousin was really impacted by God last night. They came to this camp every year though they are from out of state. His cousin hadn't really opened up about some of these personal things, but he did last night for the first time.
- A student from a particular dorm had been very distant throughout the week, but last night he surrendered to God and God set him free from smoking.
- A leader from NCU was very impressed because as she was praying quietly by herself, someone put their hand on her to begin praying for her. She looked up expecting to see a team member, but instead it as a student.
- The Video Editor testified how he does several videos in his job that are usually scripted and acted out. He said it was such an honor to film and capture this powerful moments of life change throughout the week.
- The go-cart director told how he had never grown up attending our Assemblies of God camps, though his parents were pastors. He had to leave last night to go home to attend his local youth ministry, but he regretted it because he's had such a great time here. He spoke of how he hadn't felt such a deep presence of God before.
- A youth pastor was having a conversation with other ladies about being slain in the Spirit. This is something she'd questioned for a long time and it was good to have some honest discussion about it. After the service, she went up to one of her students to pray for him. After only touching him for a couple of seconds, he fell down slain in the Spirit under the power of God. She said that she didn't find a reason to question it anymore.
- A dorm leader told how he had been a dorm leader last year. He is watching a student be a leader that he had helped overcome some serious issues at camp the year before. He testified how it was encouraging to see him keep the fire from camp and come back even stronger the next year.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Here's some testimonies from Day 2 of Nebraska Youth Camp 1:

- There was a young girl from one of our dorms that became very sick before service, and she was rushed to the hospital. During service, right after worship, we prayed for her. After service, our camp director Jay brought her up on stage to testify. She came into service, God filled her with His Spirit, and she was completely physically healed.
- A youth pastor was speaking to one of his students after service that had been around awhile. This student didn't usually get to involved with spiritual things, although being an all around good kid. All of sudden, he said, 'Oh, by the way, I got filled with the Spirit tonight.' The youth pastors mouth dropped to the floor in excitement.
- A dorm leader testified that every student who had rededicated their lives to God the first night were filled with the Spirit last night. Two were cutters and they both were set free. One gave her the scissors she used to cut with, and the other gave her the bracelets she used to cover up the scars. After testifying, a youth pastor testified how one of his students had been set free from cutting and God had healed their scars and taken them away.
- A youth pastors testified how his students left service in complete peace, something they hadn't felt and experienced for a very long time.
- Another youth pastor told how a student found out about camp late, and decided to come the day before. She was filled with the Spirit last night.
- A student came up to the Camp Director. Last year, his youth pastor brought him to camp, but shortly after that same pastor had to leave the ministry. The youth group went through a difficult time, and the Youth Director and several others stepped in to help keep the group going and minister to them. The student, with tears in his eyes, thanked him for not letting things fall apart.
- A leader from several years ago died tragically in a car accident in 2009. Her family began a memorial in her honor. They wanted funds from the interest on the account to help a student from Hamilton County come to camp. We found a student at the last second and brought him in, though not a Christian yet. Last night, he was found at the altar with eyes closed, listening and waiting upon God.
- A dorm leader told how her student was set free from a heavy spirit of depression.
- A Chi Alpha representative mentioned a team member from back home that had cancer. Out of nowhere, a student he had never met approached him at the altar and told him that God had led him to approach him and pray for that student back home with cancer. This Chi Alpha member called her this morning to find out that she had just returned from a visit to the doctor and all of the signs of cancer in her body had disappeared.
- A dorm leader spoke about how two students made a commitment to go all out for God. They rushed to the altar, but a close friend stayed back. The DL watched as he eventually gave him and followed them forward, to be touched by God.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Here's some testimonies from Monday Night at NE Youth Camp 1:

- A young student went up to our Camp Dean and said that they had something for him that they wouldn't need anymore. During the night we had spoken about depression and suicide. The student handed him a razor blade.
- One of our dorm leaders testified that not much had happened, just one particular boy started reading the Bible for the first time before going to bed. His youth pastor in the room stood up and said that this was in fact a huge miracle. This boy had a horrible attitude with him before and confessed that he wanted nothing to do with God.
- Several rooms told of their entire room approaching the altar, and having many of their students rededicate their lives to God.
- A female dorm leader told of a young lady who was pretty hard emotionally breaking down during service and committing to allow God to mold her into a new person.
- A student came from Broken Bow, which was a city that endured a horrible traffic accident right before camp, seeing several students injured and killed. God ministered to them during the service and gave him peace.
- The speaker spoke about honoring our parents and fighting off apathy. We took some time at the end of the altar time to pray for parents, and especially those that don't know Jesus, as well as praying against bad attitudes that sometimes go unnoticed in our lives.

Monday, June 4, 2012

1). Welcome to CAMP!

Today begins the first of our youth/kids camps in Nebraska. We will delay our regular weekday blog posts to focus on our camps, and we'll resume them again in July.

Congratulations to KEVIN LIBBY on being the correct comment chosen at random as our winner from last weeks trivia. He is now up to a great amount of money in his winnings, which can be used for any piece of NYM merchandise or event.

During the month, we will post testimonies on this blog sight. We will also post random photos on our sister page here.

There's still time for you to come and be with us at camp. Go to our website to check it out!

Friday, June 1, 2012

1). Song of the Day: Flatfoot 56 - ♫ I Believe It ♫

2). Leader Profile: Brian Korell

POSITION: Nebraska Youth Alive Missionary
HISTORY: Youth Pastor in Gering at Northfield Church
FAMILY:  Married to Julie with 3 kids
HOBBIES: Enjoys long walks on the beach, tortas, gum

3). Ministry of the Day: Missions Bike Ride - Ride with us the first week of September as we go over 500 miles for Missions from South Dakota to Iowa.

4). Link of the Day: Casket Empty - Easy to use guides for the Old and New Testaments

5). Quote of the Day: 'Public loyalty equals private leverage.' - Alton Garrison

6). Miscellaneous: Today is National Heimlich Maneuver Day. It is also the birthday of Brian Korell (up top!), a distinction he shares with famous American actor Andy Griffith, from 1926. Finally, it is the anniversary of the day that Kentucky was admitted as a state in 1792. 

REMINDER - We will resume our regular weekday blog entries in July. The rest of this month we will be posting testimonies on this sight from our Summer Camps in Lexington, NE