Tuesday, June 28, 2016

NE Kids Camp 2 - Day 1 Testimonies

- A young boy had a hurt knee and his dorm leader helped him pray for healing and God healed him.
- A dorm leader had a note from one of her students that acknowledged her as a great leader and thanked her for praying for her and caring for her as best she could. She read it to our group of dorm leaders and it was a huge encouragement.
- Our Camp Grandpa had a group of girls approach him and ask for a hug for one particular girl who had recently lost her Grandpa. They were able to eat dinner together and she was very encouraged after he spent some time with their group.
- One dorm leader who is also a Children's Pastor had a chance to hep one of her girls who was being a bit bossy. She was trying to help but after the DL explained that she was in charge and she would give the orders, the girl was relieved and enjoyed herself more being relaxed and trusting the leader.
- We had some students that fell off the top bunk during the night but all of them were OK and their were no injuries reported.

NY Kids Camp 2 Update

Friday, June 24, 2016

NE Kids Camp 1 - Day 4 Testimonies/Updates

- A local church pastor who is dorm leading testified about a boy that had been coming with him to camp the last three years. At the first camp he was saved, and then yesterday praying at the altar, God filled him with His Spirit.
- A DL on a team that hadn't won many contests this week at camp had a girl who confessed that she had felt like a loser, not just at camp but at home as well. Yesterday afternoon they won their first game of the week, and the girl was crying with tears of celebration saying that God helped her become a winner for the first time in her life.
- A DL told us that they had a tough room this week, not wanting to respond to the altars or show emotion in pursuing God. They only had one child sensitive to the things in the service and the rest were not. Yesterday, the speaker opened up a little extra time for prayer and during that time, the rest of the dorm came forward and their hearts were softened as they opened up with the dorm leader in prayer.
- A team hardly won anything all week, finishing last most of the time. During our Super Mega Relay, they finished third and they were celebrating like they'd won the Super Bowl. A DL/Local Children's Pastor testified how proud she was of her team because though it wasn't easy, they noticed that literally none of the kids were struggling with it, but they were good sports and teammates just like Jesus would be.
- A local Children's Pastor who is Dorm Leading told of how when his boys got back to the room at night they wanted to talk more about the Holy Spirit they heard about in service, so they stayed up an extra 60-90 minutes discussing it at length. He mentioned what a treat that was because he doesn't get that kind of time to interact in a meaningful way at home during weekly meetings and services. He thanked God for a setting like camp where he could go deeper with his kids.
- A boy was talking with our Camp Director and mentioned how he loved camp because everyone loves Jesus and each other and Jesus is real. He said how he doesn't recognize that at home. He confessed he was homesick... homesick for camp because of that. We pray that his home may become a place where Jesus shines just like He does at camp.
- Several leaders reported how students were just starting up serious conversations about Godly things all day long, even during recreational components. And many were asking about how they could hear from God more and recognize His voice.
- Another DL told of how her students didn't want to go up front and were more shy and reserved, sitting down quiet during worship. She'd been praying for them to respond a bit more and yesterday for the first time, during worship, she heard each of them singing to God.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

NE Kids Camp 1 - Testimonies

- A leader had a student from another dorm come to her at the altar after service and asked if she would pray for her to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. After praying for awhile, God touched the girl and she was filled!
- The Health Inspector came on campus this week and asked to see a boys dorm. We ushered him to one that we felt would be fairly clean, and the Dorm Leader was present. The Dorm Leader had some art on the wall that completed a Bible Verse and the inspector asked what it was for. The DL was able to share the verse and the Gospel to the Inspector and be a witness. (Incidentally - we passed the Health Inspection too!)
- A parent called one of our leaders and told them to be praying because they felt like several families were under attack in the church. Later that night, this DL was in their devotional time with the students and asked the kids to talk about their homes. Several opened up to each other and they were able to pray and minister a few minutes after lights out.
- A DL had some girls in her room that were homesick. She prayed and asked God to help her figure out a way to make them feel more comfortable. She decided to sing to them at night, though she'd never done anything like that before. After she finished, the girl that had been struggling the most said it was beautiful and that it reminded her of her mom back home, and the other girls joined in thanking her, giving up their homesickness.