Wednesday, May 31, 2017

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Today is the World No Tobacco Day
It is also the birthday of Walt Whitman, American poet, from 1819.
Finally, it is the anniversary of when the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System was completed in 1977.

1). Blog Entry: Leaders Corner - SOAP
     One of the foundational characteristics of a Christian is respect for honoring God's Word. The Bible is His gift to us to help us understand life and make it through this world according to His plan. But sometimes, it's difficult to understand and grasp all the Biblical concepts we read in Scripture. Here's a simple plan for daily Bible study submitted by Wayne Cordeiro in his book, The Divine Mentor:

Scripture - read verses
Observations - write about what you observed
Application - consider how it applies to your life today
Prayer - finish by dedicating the rest of your day to God

2). Extras

- Link of the Day: Prezi - Presentation Software

- Ministry of the Day: NYM Kids Camps - Join us the last two weeks of June at The Crossing Campgrounds in Lexington, NE for our Nebraska Kids Camps!!

Ironic Sign in Omaha this past weekend

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