Saturday, June 16, 2018

2018 NYM Summer Camp Volunteer Positions

Here's a current list of the open positions for those who would like to volunteer at our NYM Summer Camps at The Crossing Campgrounds in Lexington, NE. Access the forms to register HERE

HIGH SCHOOL CAMP: 9th Grades and up (June 4-8th)

JR. TEEN CAMP: 6th-9th grades (June 11-15th)

KIDS CAMP 1: 4th-6th grades (June 18-22nd)

KIDS CAMP 2: 2nd-4th grades (June 25-28th)

MERGE YOUTH CAMP: 6th grades and up (July 23-27th)
3 Open Positions
Audio/Visual (1)
Camera (1)
Kitchen (1)

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